Saturday, July 2, 2005

Saturday Evening

Well, this morning at least one of the baby birds left the bird house.  This is what I & dad came with food over & over again for one little bird.  It was sitting on the opening of the house the whole time.  After many trips with food from his folks, the mom & dad flew over to a near by branch of the cedar tree and the baby followed.  Eventually, it flew away.  Then mom & dad did the same thing with another baby.  I wasn't home long enough to see if it also flew away but will be able to tell in the morning if the bird house is now empty. I wonder if mom & dad birds feel the same when their babies leave the nest as human mom & dad do.  It's been awhile since my "baby birds" left the nest but I don't remember being exactly happy about it.                         

 I got so much done today, I couldn't believe it.  But of course I was gone from 10:30am until almost 4:30pm.  Sunday will be a busy day again.  The church I attend is having their annual picnic after the morning service.  Based on the first letter of my last name, I'm supposed to bring dessert.  I got a yummy looking peach pie at Costco today, so I'm set.  A friend and I made the "sample rounds" at Costco.  They had some yummy stuff.  Who said there's no free lunch ??    Until next time.      Linda

P.S.  One of the things I did today, was go back to my local library  to check out the books that are for sale.  Today I got 8 books for $6.00.  Some are like new, what a deal huh?  I feel like a squirrel gathering nuts for the winter. 


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