Sunday, July 31, 2005

Beautiful Sunny Sunday Ski

I went out to get another fan for my bedroom this afternoon & got side-tracked by the air show at the local Air Force base this weekend.  I went to an area between a large parking lot for a McDonald's and Taco Time and the freeway, about 1/2 mile from the main gate of the base.  It was amazing, I bet there were almost a hundred people in this general area, in lawn chairs, on blankets and standing under the shade of trees watching this show.  There were also many cars, trucks, campers, etc. pulled off the freeway and on exits with their eyes heaven ward watching the action.  With the beautiful blue skies it was truly an awesome sight.  The pilots of these planes are brave souls.  There was a show put on by four bi-planes and then the Thunderbirds, the Air Force's demonstration team put on their breath taking show.  Two hours later, I finally was on my way (again) to Home Depot to get a fan.  Since I live north of the runway, a little after 5pm I had the privilege of watching  all the planes fly out over my house on their way home.  WOW....that's all I can say !  P.S.  the first 4 pictures are the bi-planes and the last 4 are the Thunderbirds.

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csandhollow said...

i love watching the Birds fly!