Thursday, August 4, 2005

HOT, HOT, HOT in Western Washington

It's 12:55pm and my living room is already 84*.  I'm off work today, getting things done around here.  My 45th class reunion is this Saturday and I decided to take a big potato salad, so this morning I've cooked the big bag of potatoes and hard boiled the dozen eggs.  I'll let them set in the fridge until I get home from work Friday afternoon and at that time I'll mix the salad together and refrigerate until Saturday morning.  We are just having a pot-luck picnic at a large park in the vicinity of our high school. We did the same thing 5 years ago and it was so much fun and very succesful.  There were only 215 graduates in our class, sadly some have passed away (actually we have lost 11 in the last 5 years) so those of us that come together really have a wonderful time.  And a lot of us have remained close all these years.

Yesterday evening I was invited to a friend's house that lives on a large lake close by.  We had a wonderful boat ride on the lake and I had my camera along so took some pictures of our beautiful Mt Rainier.  I've included one of those pictures for you today.

Next Monday (August 8th) I start two weeks of jury duty.  I haven't been called since May of 1990 so am kind of looking forward to the experience again. I have several unread books, so I'm sure I will get some reading in while waiting & the Jury Room is nicely air-conditioned and across the street from the "Golden Arches."  In 1990 I was on two juries, one was a Domestic Violence (she finally admitted he didn't do it, she was just mad that he broke up with her) and a Malpractice suit (we found the doctor..not guilty.  Later we found out the lady had a long history of lawsuits against doctors, dentists, you name it.) In 1990 you served for 30 days and then could be on call for another couple weeks to the surrounding little communities' District Courts.  Now, my summons says "for two weeks or until released."  So we'll see....I'd like to get on a good case (nothing violent) that lasts most of the two weeks and then call it good.

Until next time, stay cool..........

P.S. I keep forgetting that I wanted to publically thank my son-in-law and grandkids for all the help they gave me the weekend of my car port sale.  The kids helped so much and were able to have some fun, too.  And my son-in-law was a life saver, especially when it came to taking down the tables and putting the unsold stuff away.  Thanks again to H, H & M

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