Thursday, August 4, 2005


I am so sick of Martha Stewart's whinning !! Her home confinement has been extended until the end of August, her ankle monitoring bracelet irritates her skin.  Oh you poor baby !! Her home area includes 178 acres, I believe and no doubt her "humble"  home is air conditioned. Does she even have a clue how some people in this world or even this country live? I'm sure if it had been a non-celebrity that had commited her crime, they would have gone to prison (and not a "camp cupcake") for a long time.  There are hundreds of deaths every summer of the elderly and infirm who die miserable heat related deaths because they are living in horrible conditions in hot, stuffy tenements.  Many have no family to care for them and because of health conditions may be confined to their beds or wheel chairs, with little or no help.  My 43 year old daughter (also a wife & mother to 2 teenagers) had a massive stroke a little over three years ago, leaving her wheel chair bound and paralyzed on the left side.  She has to wear an A F O brace on her left leg every day, while she's up.  It comes from the bottom of her left foot, up the back of her leg to just under her knee.  Then there are wide velcro straps that go across the front of her leg to hold this heat trapping, miserable device in place. The skin under this brace is damp and itchy all the time.  Hey daughter does not get this brace off in 21 days...she will no doubt wear it forever.  She doesn't live in a big fancy air conditioned house either.  She's coping like some of the rest of us...wearing light clothing and having fans going in every room of the house, in 80* plus temps.     I am so angry about this woman's attitude I have made a vow to never buy another one of her magazines, can of paint or anything with the Martha Stewart name on it. Obviously, her "confinement" has taught her nothing about about how the other half lives.  I'm sick of Martha !!


joolsinwa said...

thanks mommy

alienlabrat55 said...

she should have had to spend a longer time in camp "cupcake"  doing REAL  work

labdancer51 said...

I knew very little about Martha Stewart apart from the fact I bought some of her towels from Walmart whilst visiting Florida.  She sounds as though she has no idea about REAL people.  Very well said Linda, the woman should shut up and go back to her posh house and however many acres and count her lucky stars!  Have a great weekend :-)

Sandra xxxx