Monday, August 15, 2005

Saga of the Skydiver Continued

Sunday evening I delivered my son's birthday gifts and dinner. His left foot is pretty sore and since he's on his feet during his entire work shift, I'm sure he'll miss work for a few days until his foot becomes less tender.

Today was another day on jury duty.  I came so close again today, they called people for two jury's and then after lunch there was going to be another call for District Court and one for Superior Court.  The lady said there's not many of you left, so you will all get called today.  She called 15 people for the District Court and took them to their court room.  When she came back, she came out and said "well, the rest of you are free to go..the defendant just pleaded guilty."  This was at 2:30pm so I went up to the office and did my time card and then went home.  My group is not called for Tuesday, so will be at the office all day.  Tuesday after 4pm I will call in and see if I go into the jury room on Wednesday.  At least I got a good start on a new book today.  I'm now reading book one of a series of four by Terri Blackstock, this one is called "Cape Refuge."


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yakima127 said...

Good books always come in handy!  Ihope his foot starts feeling better...JAE