Monday, August 15, 2005

"Those Wedding Bells Have Broken up That Old Gang of Mine"

Well, I promised this entry a week or two ago.  Two of my favorite people "tied the knot" on August 6th.  I've known Judy since the late 1970's when I first worked at the hospital and we were both married.  I also have known Phil since about 1979 when he was married (and I was still married, too).   Ironically the three of us were all divorced about the same time in the early 1980's.  I wasn't working at the time of my divorce but I ran into Judy again at church and when we discovered we were both alone....we became close friends.  We went to the adult singles group at our church and began to hold potlucks, etc in our homes.  I invited Phil to a potluck at my house one Saturday and that's where he and Judy met for the first time.   Eventually, they began dating and they dated for a couple years.  They then went their separate ways but stayed in touch thru their children. Judy's daughter and Phil's daughter developed a close relationship.  They celebrated each other's birthday's and other holidays even though they weren't really a couple.  This last year, they started doing more & more things together and finally Phil popped the question and Judy said  "yes, you bet!"  I am so very happy for both of them and I wish them years of happiness together.  My only regret...Judy was my last single girlfriend.  There was 5 of us single gals from the church that did things together and now they are all married.  So...that part is a little sad for me but I'm happy for all of them.  Maybe someday.....??!!??      Until next time.   Linda     (By the way, Phil has the most vibrant blue eyes but the flash from my camera apparently made him squint.)

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