Saturday, September 10, 2005

Saturday 6pm

Well, the rain is gone and the sun has been out since about 1pm.  The "big bash" birthday party for the clinic turned out good.  They did have huge white tents erected in the parking lot and had lots of different health care booths set up.  Lot's of freebies given away (key chains, water bottles, chap sticks, little first aid kits, pens, etc) I got a whole bag of goodies.  And marvelous catered food.  Little finger sandwiches, chips, fruit cups and of course birthday cake since we were celebrating the clinic's 15th birthday.  Saw alot of people I haven't seen for a long time and you know what the best part is...I get 4 hours pay for today. What more could you ask lunch, goodies and pay?

I'm taking a cue from a new journaler, Joanne in the UK( posting my picture today.  I know a lot of you have it on your introduction but I don't. I have posted pictures of my son and most of you know my daughter you can see they look nothing like me.  Is it possible to get the wrong baby twice?   So anyway here you see a picture of an old lady living in Western Washington.  Be kind to her, ok?    Until next time...Linda 


joolsinwa said...

lol that's my mommy dearest

jeadie05 said...

Stop that !.....Linda you are lovely.very good vintage ,the very early forties!!!Im pleased you had a good day and the weather was good to you  Jan xx

fisherkristina said...

You look beautiful in that photo!  Just wanted to let you know that Jules of is going to tag you for the "Seven Things" game!  I told her you didn't get a chance to play yet.  Bye for now.


jlocorriere05 said...

Hi Linda, just found your journal. That's a lovely photo of you, I'll remember to be kind to you if I ever get up to Washington state!! Jeannette.

stijoan said...

thanks so much for leaving me a message regarding my journal, it was especially nice to get a message from somebody so many miles away from me. i'm, not to good on us geography but hope you haven't been been caught up, or affected by the terrible disaster that hit america recently. you look like a lovely lady...your picture is lovely..smiles are always best! i will put you on my alerts if that is ok so we can keep in touch
love joanne

jeanno43 said...

To be at a party, get lots of goodies and get paid as well, that is the icing on the cake, it cannot get much better.  As I told you before that it is a great picture.  As for looking like others, all three of us looked totally different. My eldest brother resembled my mother about the mouth but that is all. You would not know we were related so there must have been a lot of giving the wrong babies going on lol