Thursday, September 29, 2005

Thursday Evening, Another Entry

I reported in August about my 45th class reunion.  They talked about the next one in 5 years, I thought yikes, we'll all be 68 years old and that's too long to wait.  So.....I went to a local travel agent and talked to her about a reunion cruise, next August thru the Alaska inside passage.  I emailed all my classmates that I had email addresses for and mailed out 116 notices to the others.  I've gotten a few responses, some already have plans for family reunion and such but some are as excited as I am. Of course, it's not really me they have to contact for's the travel agancy.  Anyway I just got another call tonight from a former classmate and she was so excitied, her husband says they can go!    And yesterday my long-time friend, Lynette, called and she's going and wants to be my room mate, since her husband won't go (I guess he gets sea-sick).  This cruise is something I've wanted to do for over 30 years.  My former husband and I used to talk about it.  So...this old lady is excited, it looks like I'll finally get to cruise to Alaska.  We are scheduled to leave Seattle on August 11, 2006 (returning August 18th) on the Royal Caribbean "Vision of the Seas".  There will be stops in Skagway and Juneau, among others and then coming home we'll spend a day in Victoria, BC.  After talking to several people, we decided "the more the merrier" so now it's open not only to our fellow classmates but friends and families as well.  I think there are even a couple of the nurses at my office that want to go.   So hey, if there's anyone out there that wants to get in on this group cruise.....send me an email and I'll get you the details.   Now, if I can calm down...I'm going to go read my book and then try to get some rest so I can make it to work tomorrow.    Until next time,   Linda


jlocorriere05 said...

The cruise sounds great. My friend and his wife went on the same cruise this year and said it was awesome. Jeannette.

labdancer51 said...

That sounds fantastic.  I haven`t cruised for a while but I think I`d like this one!:-)

Sandra xxxx

yakima127 said...

How fun!  I, too, have always wanted to take that cruise...I hope you have a blast!!!  JAE