Thursday, September 29, 2005

Thursday Mid Day

Well, it's a cool rainy morning here in Western Washington.  We haven't had a real rainfall for months.  And even tho the pavement looks wet out my window...I'm thinking it's just "pretend rain"  a little sprinkle here and a little sprinkle there.   The pavement is also littered with leaves from all the maple trees here in this community where I live.  I have a huge cedar tree in front of my house and it just drops it's little dead branches all over the front lawn but most of my neighbors have maple or willow trees and of course their leaves end up in my yard.  HOWEVER.....I have a sweet retired neighbor, who loves to use his leaf blower.  So, he "takes care" of his leaves and mine.  What an angel he is.  He even clears the dried leaves out my carport when I'm at work.  Fall is truly a beautiful time of the year but I don't like winter.  So I make a motion that we go from fall to spring to summer and back to fall. (Leaving winter totally out of the picture)  All in favor...raise your right hand.  The motion has PASSED !!!    I did start a fire in my wood stove this morning...don't tell Julie and my grandkids tho because they're probably a few miles away freezing their buns off.  


jlocorriere05 said...

Oh! That's great, so next season is spring?!! I shall be in the States visiting New England next tuesday for eleven days. I'm really looking forward to seeing the fall colours there. Stay warm!! Jeannette.

joolsinwa said...

actually mother dear I am doing ok today, not really cold at  all.Except YOUR grandaughter has a fan on that is bugging me!!!!!MEGHANNE TURN THAT FAN OFF!