Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Tuesday Evening

Well, it was back to work today...nothing special happened, just the same stuff.  I felt anxious and very restless most of the day...and I finally figured out what the problem was....I was having withdrawals, AOL Journal withdrawals.  We're not allowed on the internet at work, so I had to rush home and was happy to have 13 Entry Alerts to read, while I ate my dinner.  And yes Krissy, I can still play a few songs on the accordian.  The one I have now is not my beautiful original one that I had when I was a kid and taking lessons.  It's a small (too small for me really) kid's accordian but it plays just like a big one and has 120 bases (those are the buttons on the left side). I sold my original one many, many years ago when I needed some extra money for $30.  And I bought the one I have now, over 20 years ago at a Swap Meet for $25 from a sweet dwarf lady.  Every once in awhile I get it out and play Christmas songs, hymns or maybe a polka.  Krissy if you ever get to Washington, you can come to my house & I'll play you a tune. WOW !!! I finally was able to get a small black & white picture into my journal...so here I am back in about 1952 with my first 12 base accordian. (My grandkids will probably die when they see this picture. 

Ok, that all for tonight.  It's back to work tomorrow and I expect to see lots of Alerts when I get home.  I'm going to get off here now & watch the new show "My Name is Earl."  Until next time......Linda


joolsinwa said...

her family tries to ignore her when she "tries" to get musical

jeanno43 said...

Lovely picture!  My mother had an accordian, I have no clue as to why because neither she nor my father could play and I was no encouraged to either although I did play the piano.  I know what you mean about withdrawal symptoms. If I ever have to be off for a while all I do is think about it and what I am missing lol. Hope you get lots of alerts.