Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Good Wednesday Morning

I have a routine when I'm getting ready for work.  After the shower, make-up, blow drying hair and getting dressed..I eat my breakfast (the same thing every morning-a bowl of Kashi cereal & a piece of toast with a thin coat of almond butter with a dab of honey).  All summer I've fixed my breakfast and then opened the front door (for some fresh air) and plant myself on the couch to watch "Good Morning America" while I eat.  So this morning, I get to the "open the door part" and I'm thinking to myself..."my, it's a little cold this morning."  I then looked at my big thermometer outside my kitchen window and my gosh !!!! It's 42* out there, that's only 10 degrees above freezing.  But there's that beautiful sun shine out there....I think old man winter must be heading in our direction.  The weather guy says it's supposed to be in the upper 60's today so I guess I'll get my fresh air this evening when I get home.

My heart once again goes out to the dear folks in the south eastern part of our Hurricane Rita heads their way.

Have a good day.......Linda


jeanno43 said...

The weather can be very misleading at this time of year.  Just the other day it was so bright and sunny and we threw open all the doors and windows and...............nearly froze.  We had to put the heating on low in the end!  Yes, I think winter is getting ready now.  Another hurricane?  Oh no, hope it is not like Katrina.

jlocorriere05 said...

That sounds cold!! Pity summer can't last a bit longer, still we mustn't complain. Hoping that Hurricane Rita won't do too much damage, I think the southern states have suffered enough already. Jeannette.