Friday, November 18, 2005

Friday Evening

Well, it's been a busy day off for me.  I had an appointment this morning to have an EMG on my left arm.  It's been feeling weird, heavy, with numbness and tingling in my left hand and fingers.  I thought maybe the carpal tunnel problem had returned (I had both wrists fixed back in the 80's) but they decided today it's not carpal tunnel. The doc decided to check my neck, so he stuck his needles in the muscles at the C-5, C-6 & C-7 level and found a problem there.  Now he wants me to have an MRI of my cervical spince.  I hate those things...I just had a MRI of my head on November 4th and I was a basket case for hours afterwards.  I am somewhat claustrophobic anyway and those MRI machines are not a good place for someone with that problem.  I had taken some medication before that exam but still felt very panicky.  Now I have to have another one. OH YUK !!!! Why couldn't it be of my feet ?

After that appointment this morning, I went to the grocery store and the post office and came home.  I decided to get started on my Christmas cards and I have completed them this afternoon !! Well, just the addressing part.  I still have the "letter" to write.  I usually just write one base letter in Word and then personalize it for those that get letters.  Some just get a note handwritten in the card. It depends....I traditionally do my cards Thanksgiving weekend but thought "heck that's only a week away, so why not."  

Speaking of Thanksgiving...I got a special invitation to Thanksgiving dinner yesterday.  It was from Carrie, the gal my son Jim has been dating.  She was the one with him when he had his skydiving mishap back on August 13th. They don't get to see much of each other because of their opposite work schedules but are still good friends.  Anyway, Jim and I will be having dinner with Carrie, her two sisters, her mom and some friends of her sisters.  It ought to be a great afternoon.  That means no turkey leftovers in my refrigerator and that's fine with me.  I love turkey but it's available all year long in the stores so can cook it whenever I feel the urge.

Now next weekend I can do my 20 minute decorating routine for Christmas.  I have a 4 1/2 foot Christmas tree....all decorated with plastic wrapped around it.  It's out in my storage shed just waiting to be brought into the house.  I bring it in, put it on the table in front of the window and plug in the lights (yes I take the plastic wrapping off).  Then I take the generic wreath off my front door and hang up the Christmas wreath.  I'll have to get Jim or my friend Bob (however right now he's in sunny Pasadena, CA)  to come over and put up the icicle lights on the front of my house and then my decorating will be done.

There was a time when I really went all out at Christmas.  But now.... usually it's just me here so I don't do all that intense decorating that I once did, when my kids were home.

Until next time......Linda


firestormkids04 said...

I kept a tree decorated and in plastic wrap for some time.  then after we started having all those kids in Mexico - decorations expanded.  Now home with Andrea we are starting again.   Most of our decorations stayed with the ministry.  Good thing Rob loves to decorate . . .I'm just too lazy!  Blessings, Penny

lv2trnscrb said...

Hope they can figure out what is causing your numbness....I would freak having an MRI; sorry, but like you, I'm terribly claustrophobic.

I like your way of decorating! I have heard of people doing that with their trees to save the hassle of redecorating from year to year.


labdancer51 said...

I hope they get your arm sorted out soon.  I`m clautrphobic too and I wouldn`t like the idea of an MRI.  Have a nice weekend Linda :-)

Sandra xxxx