Saturday, November 19, 2005

It's Over For Another Year !!

With a minute and 40 seconds left in the game, the Cougars came from behind with a touchdown and ended up winning the Apple Cup 26-22.  I'm happy for them...the drive from eastern Washington is especially awful  right now.  There's a section of I-90 going over the mountain pass that's down to one lane in each direction due to massive rock slides.  So they deserve to win based on the fact they had a hard time getting here and will have an even harder time driving back this afternoon.  The news said this morning that the traffic was backed up for 30-40 miles in each direction. 

 Both of these schools are wonderful universities.  The University of Washington in Seattle has a fantastic medical school.  And Washington State has a fine educational program for teachers and a program for physical and occupational  therapists.

Now the Oregon vs Oregon State college game is coming on..I think I'll pass (a little football talk there)  and look for a good movie on the tube.

I had a great shopping trip to Trader friend loved it and says she's going to drag her hubby over there.  It is a wonderful store and they are always handing out samples.  Today we sampled their spiral cut ham, some Christmas cookies and a holiday blend coffee. Yum !! 

Until next time.....Linda


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