Saturday, November 19, 2005

Saturday Morning

The big day is here !!  Today is the playing of the 98th Apple Cup football game between our state's two big rivals.  On the west side of the Cascades (here where I live) you have the Univ of Washington in Seattle, aka The Huskies.  Then on the east side of the Cascades you have Washington State Univ , aka the Cougars.  I've noticed that it doesn't matter that I live in Western Washington, the Cougars are everywhere over here.  In fact I drove by the pharmacy at the hospital yesterday, and there was this huge inflated Cougar out front.. proudly standing there for all to see.  I know that the head pharmacist there is a Cougar and proud of it.  The funny part is, that his wife (also a pharmacist) attended the Univ of WA, so she's a Husky.  Anyway, I have no preference so I'll just say "May the best team win!" 

Meanwhile, I'm going off to Trader Joes to get my breakfast cereal supply and another jar of their great almond butter.  A friend of mine is going with me, she's never been there so it ought to be a fun trip. 

My brother and wife live very near Trader Joes so I will go by their house and drop off this years Christmas ornaments for their three daughters.  Two are married with children of their own and the other one is still single.  But Aunt Linda has been giving them a Christmas ornament every year since they were little girls.  I like to have them at my brother's before Thanksgiving, so that the girls will have them in plenty of time for their holiday decorating.

Have a good Saturday..........Linda  



jeadie05 said...

When you say football ,you dont mean football as we know it do you ?I once was taken to see American football at an American air base ,Alconbury near Cambridge,we had a great day out, it was when my kids were young, they never forgot it .Enjoy your shopping, trader Joes sounds intriguing ,enjoy your visit to your  brother and his wife and family..................Jan xx

ally123130585918 said...

How lovely that you have given the (CHILDREN) a Christmas ornament since they were small....thats a tradition now - Auntie Linda must keep going - they would miss if you stopped......

Hope the football match goes well   and enjoy your trip to Trader Joes......Ally