Monday, December 12, 2005

Easy Like A Sunday Morning #30 Answered on Monday

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Winter can bring on some extreme weather in many regions around the world. Here in Idaho it is 20 degrees outside and an icy blanket of frost blankets the frozen ground. Looking out my window at this frosty landscape got me thinking.

Tell me...

What is the most extreme place you have ever visited?

Can I mention two places ?  Please ?!?  OK, Thanks..

1..Ridgecrest, California, out on the Mojave desert in June 2003.  Came thru there to visit my grandfather's grave and it was 115 degrees on the thermometer hanging inside the porch of the cemetery office.   That night it dropped to 40 degrees...that's what happens in the desert.

2..Somewhere on the Amtrak lines in the middle of Montana in February 1980...the train stopped at a station and the big thermometer hanging in the station said 25 below zero.  I started out of the train to take a picture of it and the train man said "lady, you better get a coat on."  I didn't ...just got out to take the picture and almost froze to death right on the spot. 

Those are two real opposites of extreme temperature that I've experienced.    Linda


lv2trnscrb said...

I bet that Montana spot was Wolf Point because I think that's one of the areas Amtrak stops in my beautiful state. I could imagine you would be freezing without a coat on in those temps!! Great answers and extremes :)


jlocorriere05 said...

Most extreme for me was Hawaii, I went last year. It was so hot and humid on ground level, about 95 degrees. One day I did the trip up Mauna Kea to see the space telescopes. It's 14000ft above sea level and was 24 degrees. Our tour guide had brought us all arctic parkas and oxygen cylinders, we found out why at the top!! Never thought I'd have to wear an arctic parka in Hawaii!! Jeannette.

delela1 said...

Good morning Linda!

And hey, thanks for playing.  Oddly enough I visited Ridgecrest in 1987; my step-father lives there and yes it is very extreme.  Have only been to my neighboring state of Montana during the summer so the extreme below freezing temp would be a real shock to my system if I was there.  I'll bet you almost froze right on the spot.  That is very, very cold...chilling to the bones it is!


alphawoman1 said...

Ver interesting! I want to travel around the west part of US! I have only been to AZ in the mid-70's. A long time ago!!