Monday, December 12, 2005

Monday Morning Question

Here's the Monday morning question (I'm temporarily doing it for Krissy over at Sometimes I Think) while she prepares for John's bone marrow transplant. Let's remember to keep them in our prayers) FROM:


What was the most surprised gift you ever got (you were totally unexpecting it) or gave (the person was totally unexpecting it).

Over the years I've been given many wonderful gifts.  But the gift that will always stand out in my mind, will be the Christmas gift I got from my great grandfather in 1959.   You see, he passed away the end of November that year, but he'd already prepared gifts for everyone in the family, even had them all wrapped.  I still have the little "to" and "from" card off that gift.  The was a little tin of dimes.  He'd apparently been saving dimes all year and gave them to me for Christmas.  I would imagine there was $10-$15 in dimes, which in 1959 was a lot of money to a high school girl.  My brother (who is younger than me by 8 years) got a tin of pennies. He was as excited as I was.

Well, gotta's off to work this morning.     Linda

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jeanno43 said...

What a lovely gift and how touching of him to do that.  I have been surprised a few times but I think the one that came out of the blue once was when a delivery man turned up at our house with a parcel.  I said we were not expecting anything.  He asked my name and it checked. Definitely for you he said.  We brought it inside. I asked Mike about it, he knew nothing.  I opened it up and inside was a new computer monitor.  Now, I knew there had to be a mistake.  I was frantic over it. I had taken delivery of something that was obviously a mistake. I phoned my daughter and told her, she said she would ask Dean the best course of action.  Then Dean phoned me.  Surprise suprise he said, from me to you. How is that for a wonderful son-in-law.