Saturday, December 24, 2005

Happy Christmas Eve Day

Just a quick entry and then I need to get the oven cranked up and get some cookies baked. 

The weather guy said it was 57 degrees at Seattle-Tacoma Airport this morning.  I guess a "white Christmas" is out of the question.  This warm weather may wake up my daffodils earlier than they should be awake.  That's not good.  And it's also starting to ruin ski season again for the skiers.   The snow level is at 8,000 feet and the one area that most of them go to, is at 3,500 feet. 

Have a wonderful Christmas Eve, I'm going with my friend Bob to one of his daughter & son in laws house for their big get together.  Two of those embroidered blankets got sent to his grandkids in California and the other four will be delivered today.  Bob is also going to get the combination DVD & VHS player his kid's bought him.  They had it sent to my house and I wrapped it and it's hidden in the back of my car.  I'll have to make sure we take my car today and then they can give it to him tonight.  He's going to have a fit because he's not much for "new fangled" gadgets.  But, I promised his daughters I wouldn't let him take it back. 

Have a wonderful Christmas Eve .......until next time  Linda

Oh, I forgot to mention that my printer died last night.  I'm hoping that I can replace it with one at an after Christmas sale either Monday or Tuesday, when I'm off work.  Even though I hate to spend the money for a new one, it couldn't have happened at a better time (perhaps).


ally123130585918 said...

I don't think we will have any snow either...although it is forecast for the New Year...The Seasons seem to be changing....I hope they like their embroidered blankets I'm sure they will....Bob is going to have a nice surprise = he will soon get used to using it.....Make sure you take your car don't want to arrive without his present....Have a wonderful Christmas Linda...
hope you get a good bargain at the sales...Ally

jeadie05 said...

Dont go with out your car !!they will love those blankets ,any way dear friend you have a lovely Christmas ,and I hope Santa brings all the things you want ,with blessings and love .....Jan xx