Thursday, December 1, 2005


What is that white stuff coming out of the sky ?  It started about noon today inthe center of town where I work.  It stuck to the grass, shrubs and the car windshields but not the street.  (Thank you Lord) So I had no trouble getting home.  I'm off now until Monday and the weather guy says it's going to warm up to the middle 40's next week.  So now problem...I do feel bad for my son however, he works 10p to 6am and has a communte of 25 miles each way.  So he may run into a little icky weather the next couple nights.    They are just showing the traffic maps of the freeways up in Seattle,  there's lots of red spots on their maps (that means the traffic is barely moving).  I'm thankful I do not have to use the freeway to get to and from work.

There's good news about the victim of the Tacoma Mall shootings.  He's been moved to a rehab hospital in Puyallup.  He was interviewed from his hospital bed the other day and he's confident he'll walk again someday. He has no medical insurance so his friends are having fund raisers for him and I understand his employer is still paying his wages for the time being anyway.  Until next time......Linda 

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jlocorriere05 said...

Great news about the man in hospital, I hope he will walk again. Not so good on the weather front, at least you don't have to go out in it! I'm off too till monday, it's a nice feeling!! Jeannette.