Friday, January 13, 2006

The 5'er !!

From Robin at;

This weeks theme is...Birthday's! My (Robin) birthday is just around the corner and those who know me well know I LOVE my birthday...everything about it.




1.  How many candles will be on your next birthday cake?  I just had a birthday about 9 days ago, so my next birthday won't  be until January 4, 65th.

2. If you get a birthday cake do you prefer butter cream frosting or the whipped?  I prefer the whipped frosting.  However, I didn't get a birthday cake again this year, so I just have to wait until someone else has a birthday and hope it's a kind that I like.

3. What was the best birthday present you ever got?  I've received a lot of very special gifts...but this year having my brother take me to lunch was wonderful.  It's the first time in a long time that we had a couple hours to visit, just the two of us.

4.  Has anyone ever thrown a surprise birthday party for you?  If so did you know about it or were you really surprised. If not, would you like for someone to throw you one? I've never had a surprise party but for my 50th & 60th my daughter & son in law organized parties.  I knew about it but didn't know who would show up.  For both of them, there about 40 people who attended.  Former co-workers, former neighbors, old school friends and family....I tend to keep in touch with lots of special people from my past.  

5. If you could be any age on your next birthday and have that age stick how old would you want to be?  I'd like to be  29 again...back to when I was married, happy and pregnant with my son.  That was the happiest time of my life.

Be sure and visit Robin's journal so you can take part in the week's 5'er.  And here's wishing Robin a very Happy Birthday !!!!


jeadie05 said...

Did you not want to be 30 ,and have the baby !!Ididnt enjoy being pregnant ,great entry ...............Jan xx

lv2trnscrb said...

I remember you writing in your journal just last week about the special lunch with your brother - what a great time that must have been :)


robinngabster said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!!!   Thanks for playing...come back again and again and again.  LOL