Monday, February 27, 2006

Monday Morning Question

Time for the Monday Morning Question (don't those weekends go by just too fast?) From;

Question: Are you still living in the town you were born in? If not how many moves to other towns have you made?

You can either answer in the comment section below or answer in your journal and leave a link to that entry in the comment section.

Thanks for playing :)

Yes I still live in the same town where I was born . (See what an exciting life I have?) There are some advantages....however....I don't get lost when I come back to visit. The hospital where I was born is part of the huge Health System I've worked for the last 24 years.  And mom was working there as an RN in the newborn nursery when she was pregnant with me.  Now I'm off to work.... to the same place I was born....Linda


jeadie05 said...

It must have tremendous advantages,and yes the weeks are flying by ,we will be in to March and nearly a third of the year will be gone !!!

yakima127 said...

How cool!!!  JAE

lv2trnscrb said...

thanks for playing, Linda! That is neat that you are in the same town and work at the same place you were born!

have a good day!


labdancer51 said...

Hi Linda,  Actually I not only live in the same town but I also live in the same house that I lived in since I was four!  I was born in Slough, Berkshire and we lived with my Grandparents, then we moved to this house where I stayed until I married at 21.  We then moved to London while we waited for our new house in Northamptonshire to be finished.  We stayed in Northampton for 4yrs returning to Slough at living at another address for 7yrs.  We then bought my late Father`s house and have been here for the last 21 yrs.  That`s my whole life summed up in one small! :o)

Sandra xxxx