Sunday, February 26, 2006

Sunday Afternoon

Good Sunday afternoon.  Well, the Winter Olympics are over for another 4 years.  In 2010 they'll be in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  That will be great for all of the Pacific Northwest clear down to the Seattle area.  I'm happy for all the medal winners and those that didn't win, my hat's off to you all, you've got talent, guts and determination.  Seattle's  Apollo Ono didn't fare as well as hoped but he did come away with a gold and a bronze medal. I watched the last part of the closing ceremony on CBUT TV from Canada, this afternoon.  Locally they don't come on until 7pm tonight so decided to watch the end first since I'll be in bed by the time the end comes on the Seattle station.

When I logged onto my computer this morning AOL told me I had 220 messages.  I just haven't had the time to sit down and catch up.  So forgive me if I didn't leave a comment in your journal's lately.  Thanks.....

I went Friday afternoon to see another movie (it's getting habit forming).  The way I look at it, I am so stressed out from work by Thursday, that my first day off is my day to relax...and since it's winter and I can't work in the yard, I guess for now it's seeing a movie.  Anyway, I saw "Madea's Family Reunion."  It was a fun movie, it made me laugh and cry.   Tyler Perry who play's Madea did a great job.  It was a follow up to another movie  "Diary of a Mad Black Woman." where he played the same character.  Other's in this movie were Cicely Tison, Blair Underwood and Maya Angelou (sp?)

Well, that's all for now...I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, and that things go well for you this next week.  Just 2 days of February left by the end of the week we'll be into a new month.  Almost time for this ugly winter weather to come to an end.  I see lots of daffodils blooming around town...Spring is just around the corner.

Until next time.......Linda


lv2trnscrb said...

spring is just around the corner! That is such great news; its so brown here; hoping for some rain/snow to make things grow when it is time.

Enjoy the week; I saw a preview for the movie you saw; it sounds like a good one


jeadie05 said...

Iam so looking forward to sping and the flowers and to feel abit warmer ,.........Jan xx