Saturday, February 11, 2006

Saturday Evening

We had a wonderful get together today.  Only 4 besides my self showed up.....we expected maybe 12-15.  But I always say, the right people show up at those affairs.  With just five of us, we really had a chance to "catch-up."  I made my Chicken Enchilada Casserole, one brought a huge fresh fruit tray, one brought a big green salad, one some lovely warm spinach dip with some yummy crackers and the last one brought a fruity type salad.  Even the food turned out just right.  No duplications !!  They helped clean the place up and I was back at my place by 3pm. 

 I then delivered an Avon and made a trip to the Dollar Store for a couple picture frames.  This evening Bob & I went to the biggest Goodwill in our area.  I found 3 older Debbie Macomber paperbacks, and a nice blue denim blouse for $3.99.

The weather was quite pleasant again today, sunny and about 58 degrees.  I see my roses all have new growth sprouting and the daffodils are getting taller each day...soon they'll be blooming.

My friend, Judy called from San Diego this afternoon.  She's one of my long time (from 5th grade, all the way thru high school.... ) friend's  that is going on the Alaska cruise in August.  She's so of her dental hygienist  friends down there is coming with her.  The other gal has always wanted to take this cruise and is really happy to be able to come along with us.  Judy is retiring next year and will be moving back here to Washington.  She's been living down there since 1963 and is ready to come home.  Her dear mother is still alive, in her 80's, and lives here in town.  We decided it's going to be like a week long slumber party with "servants" fixing our food and caring for us.    I wish some of you out there in J-land would consider joining us's going to be a wonderful week.  (Let me know if you're interested)

Until next time......Linda


jlocorriere05 said...

I'd love to come Linda but I have no more annual leave time at work. Still I'm coming over next year, God willing. It sounds like you had a good cosy dinner today, I expect there'll be a few more when Judy returns from California! Have a good weekend. Jeannette.

jeadie05 said...

Your get together turned out to be the best kind ,and all the food ,was suitable ,how nice !you did well to buy some more of Debbies books and a blouse ,dont we all love a bargain ...........Jan xx

lv2trnscrb said...

what a wonderful trip that cruise will be - to hang out with friends and have others do the work for you in fixing meals, tidying cabins, etc! A friend of my son's just got back from a cruise and raved on the good food,fine service, etc! Do take lots of pictures to share :)

glad your get together went well; I sometimes think smaller numbers are better...

enjoy the day


yakima127 said...

I would go on that cruise in a heart beat if i could!  It's just not feasible, but thanks for the invitation!  Maybe next time?  Jae

blondepennierae said...

Sounds like a dream come true ... good friends to hang with and other people doing all the work.  An Alaska cruise with friends paints a perfect picture.  Pennie