Monday, March 27, 2006

Monday Morning Question

Its Monday (already). Time for the Monday Morning Question:


In "honor" of April Fool's Day coming up this week, what was the best April Fool's joke played on you or that you played on someone else?

You can either answer in the comment section below or in your journal and leave a link in the comment section.

Have Fun!

I can't remember what I did for my kids on April Fool's Day, but I remember my experience as a kid.  You would have had to know my mom, pretty much a no-nonsense person, to appreciate my surprise one April Fools Day.   She always packed my lunch for school and I remember this one year (I was probably in 6th or 7th grade) She put piece of cardboard in my sandwiches.  No other filling, just butter and cardboard.  Of course I was busy chatting away and didn't notice until I took a bite. Fortunately she had also put a dollar in my lunch bag so I could get a school lunch.  That may have been the most surprising part...she rarely let me get a school her it was a silly extravagance. 

Have a wonderful Monday....Linda


jeadie05 said...

Oh what a smashing Mum ,you never forget these little things do you ?.........Jan xx

lv2trnscrb said...

that is so cute! What a wonderful mother she was to play a joke like that but also to give you a special treat as a result of it.

thanks for playing!


yakima127 said...

Oh, how funny!  Great joke on you!  The most I remember doing is putting salt in the sugar bowl, and hiding to watch my Dad spoon it into his morning kinda sizzled, but he didn't notice...until he took a sip!  Now, as a coffee drinker, I'd have killed somebody for messing with my first cup of the morning...but he took it like a good sport!!!  Jae

labdancer51 said...

Hi Linda,  that really made me laugh, I`ll bet your Mum was smiling to herself when she handed you your lunch that!  :o)

Sandra xxxxx