Saturday, May 6, 2006

Another Saturday

It was a busy week and here it is Saturday evening and I haven't posted an entry since last Saturday and I'm about 127 Alerts behind.  Yesterday I was off and after some grocery shopping went to see the newly released movie "HOOT" was very good, a good family show.  It was also Cinco de Mayo.  I celebrated here at home by eating a Trader Joe's Handcrafted Chicken Enchilada, a salad and a Dr Pepper.  I joked about paying a visit to Taco Bell but decided to "dine in" instead. 

Today I got up and did some laundry and then at 2pm headed for my local Post Office for their Passport Fair.  All the postal staff did from 2-8pm today was process passport paperwork.  When I got there I was horrified to see people lined up clear out the door and down the sidewalk.  I had a long sleeved shirt and jeans on but no jacket.  It was a breezy 55 degrees, so until my part of the line got into the building it was a little cool.  I had all my paperwork in order and I brought a book.  So visitied a little with those around me and read my book.  Three hours after I stepped into line, I was walking out the door with business taken care of.  I should have my first ever passport in 6-8 weeks.   The postal clerk that waited on me said that the last time they had one of these affairs they processed over 200 passport requests. I'm sure from what I saw today, they did at least that many and maybe more. There seemed to be a lot of families there, and all (kids included) were getting passports.  I know there is some talk of it being mandatory to have a passport to travel between the U.S. and Canada but that law has not gone into effect yet.  Some are for it and some against it.  

Sunday afternoon I'm going to the 1st birthday party for my great niece Ella.   Ella's mom is my brother and sister-in-laws middle daughter, Jill.  I haven't seen Ella and her older (2 1/2 yrs) sister Lindsey since Christmas, so it will be good to see them again.  My brother is out of town on business but my sister in-law and other nieces will be there.

The next two weeks I'll be working the full week because one of my co-workers is on vacation so I'll probably really get behind with journal alerts.  So.... I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday and a blessed week....remember next Sunday, May 14th is Mother's Day.  Until next time........Linda


queenb8261 said...

hi there. Hadn't seen a word from you in a while and was wondering where you might be.  As far as getting behind on alerts, don't worry about making it to my boring little neck of the woods. Come by when you can.  Have never heard of a passport fair, nor do I have one.  We have only been out of the country twice...Mexico and Jamaica.  All we needed when we went to Jamaica was a B.C.  I imagine rules are going to be changing all over the world given the times.
Take care and enjoy Ella's birthday party!!

ally123130585918 said...

Cinco do Mayo day Linda I had never heard of ~ was nice to learn what it was all about one or two people had been writing about it ~ you had a long wait in that queue for your passport good thing you had a book with you ~ to pass the time ~ Hope Ella has a lovely birthday party and you enjoy seeing all your other nieces ~ Ally

jeadie05 said...

I wondered where you were I missed you Linda Imagine queuing all that time ,its the brits who are supposed to be good at queuing ,still at least you got your passport sorted ,good thing you took your book ,enjoy the family get together .......Jan xx

jlocorriere05 said...

What a long queue to get your passport, I don't think I could have stood there that long! Hope you have a good day today with  Ella and her sister. Don't work too hard at work! Jeannette xx

jeanno43 said...

We had our Mother's Day in March but I hope you all have a great one.  Do not worry about alerts, I get way behind sometimes and sometimes I have even had to delete and start from the current day, we cannot do everything.  Have a lovely time at the party.

yakima127 said...

I've heard the same rumor about needing a passport not to get into Canada, but to get back into the U.S. from Canada.  Have a good week...Jae

labdancer51 said...

Hi Linda,  Congrats on getting your passport, what along time you had to wait in the queue, good thing you took your book! :o)

Sandra xxxx