Saturday, April 29, 2006

Showery Saturday

(Jeannette sorry I copied your "Subject" line)  There was just nothing else I could title my entry for today.  It's 40 degrees and raining. Another fire in the wood stove type of day.  After a week of sun and 68-72 degrees this is quite a change.  However, all the plants I set out a couple weeks ago are getting a good watering. 

I still have that deep bronchitis cough going but am feeling better.  I am still on the antibiotics thru Wednesday so hopefully that horrible cough will gradually disappear.  I'll be back to work Monday, so once again will be way behind on my Alerts.

Yesterday afternoon I was really getting "cabin fever" so I went up the street to the theater and saw "Akeelah And The Bee."  It is a very good movie, one I would recommend for the whole family.   Then this morning long time friend (since we were in 6th grade) Barbara called and said "let's go to a movie."  So off we went to see the new Robin Williams movie "R.V."  It of course was not quite as intellectual as the one I saw yesterday but it was good for some laughs. 

This afternoon I did a little grocery shopping and now I'm home for the evening.  I was pleased that Safeway had broccoli for $1.00 a pound.  (You can never have too much broccoli,,,yummy.)

I wanted to share a website wilth you all.  It's actually a link to several webcams some aimed at nests of  Bald Eagles and their offspring.  Hope you enjoy the views.

Well, I hope everyone out there has had a good Saturday and that Sunday brings a special blessing to each of you. Oh I almost forgot..I took a big step today...I got passport pictures taken.  There's a Passport special next Saturday at my local post office.   If I have a passport maybe I can get up the courage to get in a big silver tube and allow myself to be hurled thru the sky at 500 miles per hour at 30,000 feet above the earth and land somewhere far away.  Until next time.....Linda 


jlocorriere05 said...

Gabi seems to know the best place to be! I hope that cough soons goes, they hang around forever sometimes, or seem to. Love the webcam of the bald eagles, such beautiful birds. I spoke to one and stroked him at Dollywood a while back! Have a good sunday, I hope the rain stops. Jeannette xx

angelrose2u said...

Sure hope you get to feeling better real soon girl!. your weather sounds alot like mine. I see alot of buds on my lilac bush tho :). Enjoy that yummy broccli, I love that stuff too


queenb8261 said...

So sorry Spring is taking a break.  Hope youre staying warm & dry on your outings. LOL Are you saying you have never flown?  Oh my. I LOVE it.  I'd fly to the grocery store if I could. LOL Hope you get over the cough soon and your Sunday is sunny and dry.

ally123130585918 said...

At least your plants are getting a good watering ~ Hope that cough clears up and the antibiotics do their job ~ Thanks for the link to eaglecam I really do love watching them ~ well done on getting your passport photo done ~ so when are you taking your first flight ? lol ~ Ally

jeadie05 said...

Oh your wood burner looks just the job ,could just curl up with Gabby ,its not warm here either ,I do hope the cough is getting better mhopefully b the time you see the Doc .........I like broccoli too  its great in a pasta dish .......Jan xx

labdancer51 said...

Hi Linda,  Your wood burner looks so nice and cosy, it`s not as warm as it should be here either.  Bring on Summer...please! :o)   I hope your cough clears up soon now you`ve nearly finished the antibiotics.  Take care. :o)

Sandra xxxx

delela1 said...

Hey!  That stove looks strangely familiar!  My dad had one exactly like it and I loved watching the flames through the glass.   Hope you are feeling better.  And broccoli...$1 per pound!!! Unheard of!!!!  I agree, you can never have too much broccoli.  I love it!  So, I'm off to check out the eagles, thanks for sharing that!  :)