Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Voice of An Angel

Just a quick entry to let you all know I got Barb's ( C.D.  I played it today in the break room while I was eating my lunch.  It has some great songs on it and if you haven't got Barb at; mastersBLynn ,   I'm sure she can help you out.

Last week all of us (160 spaces) in the mobile home park, where I live,  were notified that on Tuesday May 30th the power company would be installing new underground cables and the power would be out from 8am until 8:30pm.  Ok, I think...I work from 7am to 3:30pm so I can get up and get out of here before they shut the power off.  And when I get home at 4pm, it's still light, I can feed the cat, I can't vacuum but I can sweep the kitchen floor. Oh..I better plan on going out and getting something to eat.  I had the whole evening planned out.  So I came home, changed clothes, fed the cat, swept the kitchen floor and took off for the local Mexican place (no..not Taco Bell).  While on the way to the restaurant, I got a call from a friend and when I mentioned my "no power dilemma" she said "well when you're thru eating...stop by."  So I did.  I stayed there until about 8pm then left, stopped at the store got a gallon of milk and headed home.  It was about 8:45pm when I turned into the main entrance of the park and I knew I was in trouble.  There was this huge trench along the front of the clubhouse and about 30 people standing around with the power guys gazing into the trench.  I drove on by, heading for my place and then it dawned on me that none of the coach lights at each mailbox were on. they'll probably get the power on any minute.  My first order of business when I got in the house was to round up the flashlights and check to see if my battery clock was set to the right time.  I brushed my teeth and quickly washed my face not wanting to use too much warm water in case the power is still off in the morning  so I can take a shower before work.  Anyway, I usually read before going to sleep, it's a long time habit.  It's really difficult to lay in bed reading with a flash light balanced on your chest.  Finally I gave up and turned out the light (flash light that is) and went to sleep.  During the night I woke and found the power had been restored, so I reset my clock radio (I must remember to put a new battery in it) and went back to sleep until 4:45am when I normally awake on work days.   I have two lights (one outside light and one in the living room) on know, so they go on and off at certain times.  This morning I reset the timers and off to work I went.  When I came home this afternoon it was soon obvious that the power had been off again.  The outside light was on and it's not supposed to come on until 8pm.  Sure enough I checked with my neighbor and he confirmed my suspicions, the power was off four hours again today.  So I reset my clock radio, the timers and hopefully that's the end of it.   One thing I know, I would never have made a good pioneer, my gosh they didn't even have flashlights.       

Thanks again Barb, for letting us know about your CD, I love it.   Until next time...Linda


jlocorriere05 said...

You're right, those pioneers must have been tough! No tap water, no power or bathroom facilities, no shops to get food, if you wanted a meal you had to shoot it or grow it!! Funny how we rely so much on electricity! I hope yours is back on for good now! Jeannette xx

jeadie05 said...

Oh what a performance at least you now know to buy back up batteries for the clock,we just dont realise how reliant we are on the good old 'leccy ,do we ? ....Jan xx

jeanno43 said...

Yes we take it all for granted until we suddenly do not have it.  Luckily we do not get too many power failures over here.  Bet you felt like a kid again reading my flashlight or torch as we call it lol.

ally123130585918 said...

This made me stop and think Linda ~ those pioneers must have had it hard ~ arriving with nothing having to build somewhere to live ~ and find food ~ makes me realise how lucky we are today ~ and how lost we would be without electricity and all the other things we take for granted ~ Ally

sugarsweet056 said...

Coming upon the weekend. Wanted to say howdy & hope you have a good one!
Hugs, Sugar