Friday, June 2, 2006

Freaky Friday

Wow, the weather was really weird today (well I guess it wasn't weird for Western Washington).  We had sun, sprinkles, wind, heavy rain, showers, sun and wind.  One minute it was sunny and then it was raining "cat's and dog's."  All of this was to blame for a huge pile up not too far from me on highway I-5.  Here's the link to the story;   It's amazing there was only one person seriously injured.     What's the difference between showers and rain anyway?

I've been so blessed by Barb's CD...I called her up today.  It was great talking to one of my "electronic" pen pals.  

My dear neighbor man slipped yesterday afternoon stepping down from his porch onto his carport.  He is so active and is always out with his leaf blower cleaning not only his property but mine too. He always is there to lend a helping hand.   Anyway, he broke his ankle in two places.  Please remember Mr. Newton in your prayers.  He will have a very difficult time staying down for his ankle to heal.....and remember to pray for Mrs. Newton, too.  I'm sure she will have her hands full in the next few weeks trying to keep him from being too active.

Well, tomorrow evening (Saturday) is the reunion of those that worked at Walker Chevrolet.  In adding up the names and making up a roster for the Elks Club, we have approximately 100 people who have said they are coming.  The three guys that I've been doing the planning with, have called and called...then they call me and give me their updated lists.  I've been doing the computer work for them.  I've got a  roster with names and phone numbers on one floppy disk and another with just the names in alpha order for the Elks Club people.  I was only there a little over 2 years so there will probably be about 88 people there that I don't know.  Many of those that were there when I worked there (1968-1970) have passed away.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend....I think it's time for me to head downthe hall with my book and my kitty.   Until next time.........Linda


ally123130585918 said...

Sounds like our kind of weather you are having Linda ~ we can get all four Seasons in one day ~ I hope the person seriously injured in the crash is doing OK ~ I'll keep Mr and Mrs Newton in my thoughts and prayers ~ I do hope every thing goes well for your reunion tonight and you all have a great time catching up with old friends and colleagues ~ Ally

jeadie05 said...

Wow is it time for that reunion already? I remember you talking about it and being involved in the planning ,tell us how it went wont you ,Your weather sounds much like ours ,though at the minute its sunny!so fingers crossed  .........Jan xx

jlocorriere05 said...

I hope you have fun at the reunion and can catch up with your old friends. Poor Mr Newton, I hope he'll stay off that ankle and let it heal. We've had weather like yours this week, it never decides what it wants to do from one minute to the next!! Jeannette xx  

labdancer51 said...

Hi Linda,  I hope Mr Newton recovers quickly, it must be harder for him what with being so active.  Have a really good time tonight at the reunion. :o)

Sandra xxxxx

yakima127 said...

Hope Mr. Newton is not down too long...just want to add how humid it has been the past couple of days...with the rain and then the sun, we turning on the a/c in the car one trip, and then freezing the next.  I happen to run hot, anyway, but I was extra hot during all those weather changes!  Hope you enjoy your reunion...  Jae