Friday, June 30, 2006

The Friday 5'er

          From Robin at;  

      Hi guys!!! 

I missed last Friday so here is my make up 5'er!  

If you want to play all you do is cut and paste these questions into your journal. (there is no deadline as to when you can do "The 5'er) When you have answered them come back and leave a link in my comment section.  On the following Friday I will have a new set of questions! Have fun!



1.  It's summertime and pretty much hot all over.  What is the hottest day you can recall?

Here in my hometown there have been a few (very few) where the temperature would reach up to 99* or 100*. But that is rare.  But it's so humid here, anything over 75* feels uncomfortable.


2.  How do you keep cool in the summer? Pool? Beach? Other?

Just stay out of the direct sun.  I hate to go out anywhere, because you have to close up the house when you leave , then you come home & the house is even hotter.


3.  Do you prefer to be sweating on a hot summer day or shoveling snow on a cold winter's day?

Well, shoveling snow is certainly not fun & being too hot is not fun. So I don't like either option.  How about 70 degrees, with a breeze and it rains every other night between midnight and 3am ?  That would be perfect !


4.  What did summer mean to you as a kid?

Summer meant Vacation Bible School when I was young, then 1 week of Church camp as a teenager.  But always there was work.  I lived on a farm and I had to help, like weeding the garden, etc.  Then after 7th grade I started picking raspberries, strawberries and green beans during the summer.  After I turned 16 and could drive...I'd babysit during the summer months.


5.  If you could be anywhere else right now where would you be?

Down at Westport on the ocean.


Bring on the Otter's still hot !


robinngabster said...

I forgot about summer camp!  I went every year.  Yeah Otter pops!!!

Thanks for playing!

mastersblynn said...

Summer Church camp...the bomb!  Oh how I miss those days! Barbara

jlocorriere05 said...

Summer to me meant building camps out of the straw left in the field, we got so dusty but it was great fun! Jeannette xx  

astoriasand said...

My summer holidays were spent potato picking here in England,and helping my father in the garden.Which must have been in my blood as I have gardened all my life ever since,until the laast 12 months,where I now am settled by the sea,relaxing more,with only my indoor pot plants, to attend to.Now I wonder at almost sixty years old, why I have such a bad back etc LOL!!!! But the school holidays were " Happy Days",which was always my dear father's favourite quote,and the sun always seemed to shine.Have a wonderful weekend,hope it's not too hot for you.God Bless
Regards Astoriasand.

queenb8261 said...

I loved Vacation Bible School.  I learned so much then.  I have a fond (& strange probably) memory though.  For some reason we always seemed to have grape koolaid and choc chip cookies for refreshments. I'm sure there were other things.  Just what I always chose  I suppose.  Still it is one of my favorite treats to this day. LOL choc  chip cookies and grape koolaid.
Have a wonderful weekend! Barb