Saturday, July 1, 2006


Good Saturday morning !  Well, here it is Saturday and I have so much to do.  I have the whole next week off and want it to be productive.  One of the things that must be done is a thorough de-clutter of this house and my 2 storage sheds.  I just hope that the weather cools down....those sheds have no vents or insulation and get very, very warm in the summer and cold in the winter.  One of them has power, so I can at least take a fan out to that one when I work in there. Today I'm just going to get my normal Saturday stuff done.  I put my vacuum cleaner in the shop for a "Spring Clean."  It's one of those nasty bag less units and the filters get plugged up and it won't do it's job.  I wish I'd never bought the dumb thing.  I'd rather buy bags for the other kind any day then mess with this bag less Eureka.  I've already got laundry going and will vacuum this morning while it's still cool.  

I worked yesterday for a co-worker who had to have the day off.  It was weird being there on a Friday.  Everybody that came in said "what are you doing here on a Friday?"  Even the courier that delivers mail to our office made a similar remark.  Barbara called me Thursday night wanting to go to a movie Friday but I told her I had to work.  So we ended up going to the  6:40pm showing of "The Devil Wore Prada."  All I'm going to say is, "it was ok."   My curiosity would have gotten the best of me if I hadn't seen  it but after seeing it, I wish I would have seen "Cars" instead. I'm glad we are old enough to get the senior rate.  I'm still hoping to see "A Prairie Home Companion."  It's still playing at The Grand Theater up near my work place (across town from where I live) so maybe while I'm off I can take an afternoon and go see it. 

Have a good Saturday...I'm going to get busy while it's still cool.   Until next time..........Linda

P.S. I see England is playing in the World Cup again today.  I wish them well !!


yakima127 said...

I wanted to see that movie, but now maybe I won't!  The previews are so funny!  I wanted to see "Rumor Has It" really badly, and when I got the movie from my kids on Mother's Day, I was kind of disappointed, so I know what you mean.  I have heard nothing but rave reviews over "Cars".  Let me know how you like it if you see it!  Enjoy your de-cluttering!  Jae

ally123130585918 said...

Linda hope you have a lovely week off ~ and do all your de~cluttering that needs to be done ~ heres hoping it cools down for you ~ Ally

astoriasand said...

EVERYONE I know in England are not very happy with there vacs or hoovers as some say,with the hard body you describe.They tell me they are a pain.I like to know I have a clean bag in mine,and can honestly say I have never fancied them kind,so think I made a good desision to get the bag replacement one,when my old one had it's day.Yes I think all the old type vacs are the best,or hoovers.Best of luck with the cleaning of your sheds and getting rid of your cluutter.Have a good time at the theatre if you manage it!! Hope you have a well earned weeks break.
Take Care A blessed week/end and whole of next week to you,you deserve it working so hard.
Regards Astoriasand.

jlocorriere05 said...

I've got a bagless vacuum, I love it! I like seeing all the cat hair and dirt going into it! I'm easily amused! I heard that England lost the football match today, now perhaps we can return to normal! Have a lovely week off and I hope you manage to get rid of all your clutter, it's one thing I love doing around the house! Jeannette xx  

jeadie05 said...

Oh you make me feel guilty Ishould be de cluttering too ,but Maurice has been working nights ,so dont want to make a noise ,then in the evening and hes gone I'm to tired lol thats my story anyway ........Jan xx