Saturday, July 22, 2006

I Am So Sick Of These Emails !!

I have already received two of these emails today.  I get at least one a day and they are nothing but a scam.  Is anyone else out there getting them, or have these con-artists just picked out me  to harass?  I forward them all to AOL Spam but they keep coming from different email addresses.  Here's the one that just came thru;


My dear, Please read very carefully, It is with tears that I am writing this message to you from a hospital bed far away from my home where I have no mother, father, sister , brother or any relative, in the mist of strangers with a diffrent language that I don't understand, imaging how painful it is being a cancer patient, Firstly let me introduce myself to you.

I am Mrs. Almira Ahmed Hassanal Bolkiah, a widow to Late Sheik Ahmed Hassanal Bolkiah of Brunei Darussalam, I am 38years old and I have a son of 11years of age  who is at the moment in Benin Republic and I am suffering from cancer of
the lungs which I will soon undergo the operation, I want to also let you know that I am writing you this mail from a private hospital here where I am taking my part-time treatments, what will you do if your doctor come up and tell you that you have only few weeks to live? you can imagine the kind of pains I am
going through.

My husband is the first Son to the last wife of King Haji Omar Ali Saifuddien Sadul Khairi Waddien, the former Prime minister of Brunei Darussalam, the tiny oil-rich country on the Island in South-Eastern Asia, let me save your time by
not amplifying my extended royal family history which has already been disseminated by the international media during the controversial dispute that erupted between my Husband and his step-brother, the sultan of Brunei H.M.Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah who is the present King/prime minister of Brunei.

As you may know from the international media, the sultan of Brunei accused my husband who is his step-brother for financial mismanagement and impropriety of US$14.8 billion dollars and this was as a result of the Asian Financial crisis
that made my husband's company Amedeo Development Company that was inherited by my husband and government owned Brunei investment company to be declared bankrupt during his tenure in the office.

However my my husband was kept under house arrest by his own step brother, our bank accounts and private properties including a crude oil export refinery were later confiscated by the sultan and to worsen the whole thing, he has to assassinate my beloved husband and I was placed under house arrest by the
sultan so that I will not tell the international community what has happened and that is where I developed this cancer of the lungs which is killing me now but I still believe that it is the will of God that life treat me this way.

To avoid further prosecution and sufferings from the sultan and his security operatives since I have lost my husband and I have my only child to keep me happy, I decided to leave my country Brunei to Benin Republic in West Africa where my husband has deposited the sum of ( US$21 Million  Dollars) in a reputable bank but unfortunately for me this my illness has became worst and I have been placed at the hospital for medical attention here, so I am planing to fly to abroad for good medication and a perfect surgical operation because according to what my doctor told me that I may not live for more than a month without this operation, I am so scared about this because she has made me
understand that I have only 20% chance to survive this surgery and for that reason, I want to make a future for my only son before undergoing this surgery so that even if I die on the process of this surgery, my son will be taken care of by you.

The reason why I am contacting you is to know if you can arrange for a better hospital over there so that I can come there for a better surgery and also to know if you can take care of my son when I will be undergoing this surgery, I have decided to give you this sum of (US$ 21Milion) that I inherited from my
late husband so that you can invest it in a very lucrative  usiness in your country, we never can tell what will happen during the surgery, so that in case if anything happen to me during this operation, my son will have someone to take care of him and a business/funds to inherit for a good future or if this surgery
gos well, I will have a business that I can use to take care of my only son.

Please note that this fund is lying with a reputable Bank here in Benin Republic of West Africa and as I am writing this message to you from a hospital bed, I am not sure that I will survive this operation but even if I have to die, first I want to secure a future for my only son.

You may ask yourself why am I saying all this but I believe you never experience his kind of problem either have you meet anyone in this kind of situation, have you ever use a lap-top in the hospital to write a letter to a stranger for help?
From a foreign land where you have no father, mother or anyone who can help you? In the mist of people that speak  entirely different language? When all the people you trust become the people after your life? Well, you may not
understand but I want you to take this more serious and urgently important.

All I WANT FROM YOU IS TO TAKE THE MONEY WITH MY SON AND INVEST IT SO THAT YOU CAN TAKE CARE OF MY SON IF I DID NOT SURVIVE THIS. please get back to me very fast so that I can tell you what to do because my days now is being numbered.

May the peace of God be with you

Mrs. Almira Ahmed Hassanal Bolkiah


The one I got earlier today even had my full (first & last) name in the Subject line.  Anyway, like I said....I'm not sure if everyone is getting them or is it just me.   There should be a way to put a stop to them, as it's obvious they are bogus. 


nana0014 said...

I've never gotten one of those.
Take care, Chrissie

sugarsweet056 said...

I have gotten 3 or 4 of those...I never finish reading it, soon as I read the first few lines I know it's a scam so I just delete it. Not much you can do about it.

jeadie05 said...

Oh Linda that is so annoying for you ,and scary .....Jan xx

ally123130585918 said...

I havn't received any but thanks for pointing them out to us I think like one of your other comments just detete it ~ but like you if I did get any I would pass them on to aol first ~ Ally

inquestoftruth said...

I don't get them here at home, but I do get them at work, both on our company name and on the fax.     When it's email, I always report it as spam.  

pharmolo said...

I used to get loads of them through Hotmail. Report them all NEVER react or open anything attached to them. They are actually notorious as the Nigerian Scam. People who have mistaken them as genuine lost thousands to the scammers in the background.
As a rule, would you accept or even consider an offer of $21m from a complete stranger at your door, saying that you out of 6bn people have been singled out to share in the fortune?

robinngabster said...

I get them too.  One time I even responded as a joke and told them I would be so happy to help them!  LOL!  Boy they wrote back real fast!  It is annoying!!  Like they really think anyone would fall for that crud??

rollinghillsides said...

No, I've never received an email like that, thank goodness.  Say Linda, are you aware your journal words are spread across two screen widths?  Just wondering.   Judy in CT

fisherkristina said...

I've never gotten one.  I know at least one thing you could do, press the REPORT SPAM button so you are reporting it to AOL.  That is all I can think of.  


yakima127 said...

Bogus, they are...I wonder why you have been targeted?  I hope they quite sending them to you...JAe

solotu66 said...

i was  wouding  r u still geting  theres  e-mail s  u were   geting back on july 2006

terlew757 said...


I too have recieved one but only today. I wish I had one last year as she was offering $21 million dollars as opposed to the now $15 million!!!! must be a recession in West Africa.

Oh by the way its 2008 and she still has a month to live, looking at the your date 7/22/06 its seems a very long month to live!!

just laugh at it delete it and let it go there are worst things to worry about!

take care