Sunday, July 23, 2006

Another One This Morning

Here's today's phony email;

From:Mike Johnson
Number +22508354580


My name is Mike Johnson from Sierra Leonian. I am 20 years old and a
student.  Please I would like you to assist me as urgent as you can,before
they kill me.My father is a wealthy cocoa merchant.Trouble began early last
year when  my father's associates began suspecting that my father is not
givingn proper accounts of all the tonnes of cocoa being cultivated by local
farmersn in  some villages.

This mistrust deepens between Oct-Sept, 2003 when they discovered avery
large some of money my father deposited with a Bank here in ABIDJAN-COTE
D'IVOIRE (FORMALLY IVORY COAST in West Africa. As a result of this discovery
  and the envy on the money he was poisioned by his associates.At his
hospital bed ,he revealed to me the reasons of his sickness and directed me
where to get the documents of the said deposit which he made on my name as
the next of kin,being the only child.He dvised me that in case  he die, that
I should not stay in this country Sierre Leone because his  associates will
equally kill me hence my mother had died five years ago of  breast cancer.

He also instructed that if he dies, I should look for a foreign partner who 
will help me to transfer the money out of this place (Abidjan Cote
d'Ivoire), to his account and the person will help me to invest the money in
that country. Based on this, I had to contact you bearing in mind that you
will be humane enough to protect my life. My father finally died on the 5th
of june,2004  and since then, I was out of school and went into hiding
because of my father's asociates. All the relevant documents of the
$8.000,000.(Eight  Million United States Dollars) that was deposited in a
Commercial Bank by my  late father, are with  me now.

I will give you 15% of the total money, if you can help me transferring it
into your Account, for onward investment in your  country. Please contact me
  immediately with the above E-mail address and include your telephone and
Fax  numbers to enable me send you all necessar documents asregards the
money  before they kill me. It is a risk free transaction.
I'm waiting for your urgent reply.

Best regards.sincerely,

Mike Johnson


ally123130585918 said...

Linda you must be really fed up getting these e~mails ~ did you complain again ~ and is anything to be done about them ? ~ Ally

sugarsweet056 said...

OMG! I hope you are sending these to the fraud dept or does AOL have one? I have only recieved a couple of these type mails & it was quite awhile ago...I make it a practice now to NOT open email if I don't recognize the sender. I just delete it. Guess they saw I was deleting, so the word got out to not bother with me anymore!
Hugs, dear & hope you have a nice day!

jeadie05 said...

I feel so sorry for you dear ,You just should delete as soon as you realise what they  are ,I dont know what you can do ,and no I havent heard any one else recieving them ..dont know if AOL  could help ..........Jan xx

yakima127 said...

Why are you getting these?  I would be getting pretty annoyed right about now!  Jae

fisherkristina said...

How do these people find you?


robinngabster said...

THe ones I get mostly go into my spam you have that set up?

sonensmilinmon said...

I'd set the spam folder to a higher level.  IF I get these kind of e-mails, I'm unaware as they would go directly to my spam folder.  Who do these folks think they are fooling.

Keep us/me updated on Susan.  I'm keeping her in my prayers.