Sunday, July 23, 2006


It was set at medium but I moved it to the highest setting.  Now I'll have to continue to check the spam folder on a daily basis to make sure email I want isn't going in there.  These people are a royal pain in the rear.

It's hot here again today, I don't want to even go anywhere because if I do then I have to close up the house and it will be even worse in here. 

Yesterday Bob & I met a bunch of people at the Olive Garden that I used to work with at a Family Practice residency clinic.  It is operated by the same health system I still work for.  I had six great years there and like some of the other places I worked...still get together with some of them for dinner or lunch from time to time. We had a wonderful time and even tho I still have email or phone contact with them because of my present job, I don't often see them unless I run into them at the hospital. (And I rarely go over there). Even the man that was our big boss back in 1994-1999 showed up.  He has really moved up the ladder with the health system and is now really a "big-wig."  We all liked him...he was a great boss and always looking for ways to unite the employees....picnics, BBQ's on the patio outside our break room, parties & potlucks for every occasion during the fall & winter months. Everyone loved him and consequently there were very few problems, everyone worked hard and took pride in what they did.  From the Olive Garden we headed out to Puyallup to Wal Mart (oh it was nice & cool in there).  I took some pictures at the dinner, so was able to get those printed out and got one more top for my cruise.  Oh and we stopped at Barbara & Phil's house and I gave them their cruise documents that I picked up for them last week.  Barbara is sick again with strep throat. Obviously the antibiotic she took back the end of June, didn't get it all. Phil told us he was going to challenge us to the climb the rock climbing wall on board the ship....Ya Right!!!   Fat Chance !!!  Can't you see two old ladies trying to get their fat ______ up a rock climbing wall ??   Anyway we got a chuckle out of that one.

Ok, I'm going to go and see if I can get something done today that doesn't require me to sweat....until later.  Linda


jeadie05 said...

I hope you stop getting these stupid and indeed frightening emails ,oh your  trip is getting nearer ,    Jan xx

ally123130585918 said...

Your Big Boss sounds like a lovely man ~ and knew how to keep his staff happy ~ when you are on your cruise and you climb the Rock Climbing wall just make sure you get some pictures for us to see lol ~ Ally

yakima127 said...

Hold completely still in front of a sweating required...I did my chores early in the can take the day off...Jae says so!  Jae

lv2trnscrb said...

you have been having problems with lots of spam; hoping upping the filter will solve the problem. Seems like an enjoyable weekend you had; I bet you are looking forward so much to your cruise. I've tried climbing a rock climbing wall before; it wasn't a pretty picture, LOL; I think I only made it up two of the rungs of rocks and gave up; no upper body strength.

Yum, Olive Garden; haven't been there in a long time, but love their food :)