Sunday, November 19, 2006


Hello and happy Sunday.  I woke up this morning to pounding rain again.  I guess 3  or 4 days of sunny dry weather is all we here in the northwest cam expect this time of year.  Bob stopped by for breakfast...he's on his way to Pasadena, CA for Thanksgiving with his middle daughter and family.  Plus he's a sun person, so he can stay down there for a few weeks and soak in some rays. Meanwhile today and tomorrow I think he'll be driving alot of the 1,200 miles from here to there in the rain.  He has a doctor appointment here in town on December 14th so I don't expect to see him again much before then. 

I have all my grocery shopping done for the weekend so am going to be house bound today.  I'm going to make of batch of my mom's fruit cake (it has to age for about 4 weeks.) And a pot of soup and finish addressing my Christmas cards.  And maybe do a little ironing, oh and then I need to vacuum so I guess I have enough to keep my busy right here.  Bob very kindly started a fire in my wood stove to it's nice & cozy in here.  The "queen" of the house is all curled up near the wood stove sound asleep.

Yesterday Barbara and I went to see the new James Bond movie  "Casino Royale."  I personally don't like those kind of movies but she had read the book so wanted to see it.  It was high adventure of course, lots of fancy cars, beautiful women, cars and buildings being blown up and dead bodies.  Be warned if you go see it..the running time is 2 hours and 25 mins and that's not counting the time for all the previews.  They need to give a 15 minute intermission, so after drinking all that soda with your popcorn,  you have a chance to go to the bathroom and not miss any of the movie. 

Tomorrow, is a big day for some of us at the hospital.  Over the years many of the departments have gone Union however, the department I work in plus several  others have never been associated with the Union .  We started talks with the Union organizers last Spring and tomorrow we get to vote "yea" or "nay" in regards to be unionized.  I've never been big on the Union but it's come to the point where we need it in the worst way.  There are people in Human Resources that are supposed to be advocates for employees but many of us have found that if we go to them with a problem, the supervisor knows we've been there before we even get back to the office.  And further more the people in H.R. always side with management no matter how severe the issue may be.  So I think it will help to have the protection of the Union.  Also, the present system allows for raises based only on our yearly evaluation.  So if you're working your buns off and the supervisor doesn't like get little or nothing for an increase.  But if you're "teacher's pet" and do nothing you get the top of the line increase. With the Union this won't happen.  We will automatically get a salary increase on our anniversary date and then once again on the anniversary of the union contract for our particular department.  So, I'm hoping for a favorable's time for a change in the way things happen.

Well folks...I'm going to go get busy so I can accomplish all the tasks on my list today.  Tomorrow it's back to work... at least for just three days this week due to Thanksgiving at the end of the week.      Until next time.  Linda


jeadie05 said...

Hey if you got all done on your list then you are my hero ,I dont blame Gabby enjoying the stoves heat ,Sounds a very sensible thing to do .have a good week Linda Jan xx

jlocorriere05 said...

I don't like the Bond films, I took my kids to see Moonraker and slept right through it! Sounds like at home is the best place to be, Gabi has the right idea! Hope you get a favourable vote at work for the union. Jeannette xx

queenb8261 said...

Sounds like a good day to stay in by a roaring fire.  The weather here is like a roller coaster.  Typical Texas.  We're supposed to be in the mid 70s on Thanksgiving. The morning temps are typical for this time of year.   And it's been very dry.
 Not a big Bond movie fan either.  I can't remember the last one I saw. LOL
 Good luck with the union vote.  
Have a good week.  Barb  

yakima127 said...

The fire sounds so nice!  I think the union is the way to go, especially for the issues of money and raises...Jae

tpiez4me said...

We're having roller coaster weather.....chilly today hot tamale actually.  No wonder I was sick so quick.  Union eh?  My hubby is all for those and my Dad worked for them too.  It's a nice way to know you're guaranteed the COLA every year.  Stay inside and enjoy your fire!

jonibooks1991 said...

How cozy your house looks with that fireplace.  The union does sound like the way to go, but you never know.  Joni

sonensmilinmon said...

If I was still in that department, I would be seriously looking at the union!  There is too much favoritism.  I also imagine there will be some who won't be happy with the union - lose some of those "perks".


ally123130585918 said...

Linda hope you managed to get all the things done on your "To do list" sounds like it is going to be a busy day for you ~ Gabi has the right idea curled up near the wood stove ~ hope the vote for the Union goes the way you want it too ~ By what you are saying I agree it is time for a change which will make everything fair ~ with no "Teachers Pet" ~ Ally