Saturday, January 13, 2007

Saturday Afternoon

Oh..I've had a busy day.  I finally was able to get my hair cut this morning (she was too busy yesterday.)  Then I came home and showered (I hate all those little pieces of hair on my neck after a hair cut). Then I took off in the car and headed for Sears, determined to buy a new vacuum cleaner.  I'm so sick of the noise the other one makes and yesterday it was spitting dirt all over the place.  So today I got a new Kenmore that takes the bags and it's wonderful ! I hate the bagless ones. It was on sale so that made it all the better.  Then I delivered an Avon, went to the store and got some milk and a few other things and came home...all this in a snow storm. Yup, big fluffy flakes falling but not sticking, thankfully.  It was very pretty but I'm glad it finally quit and that it melted.  The temperature got up to about 34 degrees today, the warmest it's been in many days. There are still lots of side roads that are covered with compact snow and ice.   When I got home I put the new vacuum together, just had to screw the handle on to the main body and I tried it out.  What a nice and quiet and you can turn the brushes off when you vacuum hardwood floors or linoleum, which is nice, because the brushes tend to scatter the dirt when you're off the carpet.

The sunset this afternoon was spectacular.  It seems weird to have the sun setting at 4:30 in the afternoon, when it's still light at 8pm in the summer. The second picture shows the glow if the sunset on the west side (where the porch roof is gone) of my house.  That big Rhododendron, at the end of the house was so pretty Thursday morning.  I'd put that half burnt out string of icicle lights on it before Christmas, to brighten up the yard a little.  Anyway, with the heavy snow on it and the lights....oh it was a Kodak moment but I didn't have my camera.   I've decided to leave the lights out there for a couple more months...the winter is so drab and everyone rushes to take down their Christmas lights, which I think is sad.  If I were the King, I'd pay people to leave their holiday lights up and burning brightly until at least the first of March!

I hope everyone has had a good Saturday....until next time,  Linda


rbrown6172 said... was 70 here today...but by tuesday night, it's going to be in the 20's!  that is a beautiful sunset.

yakima127 said...

We had the fluffy snow fall this afternoon; it was very calming and pretty...and it didn't stick, either!  Congrats on your new vacuum!  Jae

queenb8261 said...

Love the photos. I'm with you.  We should have lights up year round. There are some restaurants that do that. Glad you got your hair cut & the new vacuum cleaner.  I got a Dyson a couple of years ago.  It was like Christmas.  LOL
We've just got ice. No snow. Have a good Sunday.

inquestoftruth said...

we have a bagless vac, and I think I like that better than the bags..... it's 11:30 p.m. here and still 63°     in the 70's tomorrow!

jonibooks1991 said...

I love your sunset pictures, would have liked to have seen it.  I agree about the lights, even though we never put any out, but next year when I'm not working at Christmas I'm going to do it.  Your vacumn sounds great, I always hate mine, never do find one I really like.  My house needs some attention, maybe tomorrow because I have it off.  There is that Seahawk game in the morning, however.  I'm getting a hair cut next week too, had to postpone it because of the funeral, so I really need it now.  Joni

jeadie05 said...

Great so you got alot of stuff done that you thought you wouldnt be able too because of the weather ,pleased you managed your hair cut ,and great a new vac ,lovely pictures Jan xx

pharmolo said...

Great sunset pics. Our sunset is at 4pm now, but 10.30pm in summer lol

labdancer51 said...

What a beautiful sunset Linda, thanks for sharing it.  Glad you managed to get your hair cut at last. I have to wash off the hair after mine has been cut, it goes everywhere and it makes me! :o)

Love Sandra xxxx