Thursday, June 14, 2007

Catch Up

Since I finished my entries of our trip, I've sort of had writers block.  I mean, my life just isn't that exciting on a day to day basis.  I get up, shower, eat breakfast and then go to Curves (at least 3 times a week) and maybe the grocery store, or just stay home and work in the house or the yard, depending on the weather.  There have been no good movies recently, so the last movie Barbara and I went to was a couple weeks ago and that was " The Waitress."   Friday is the day the new ones are normally released so we'll see what the newspaper has to say Friday morning.

Last Sunday I went to a baby shower for Bob's youngest daughter, June.  She and her husband, Mike and 3 year old son, Lance are expecting baby Marin Rose on June 27th (or earlier or later).  It was a lot of fun, the first baby shower I've been to for a long time.  There were a lot of lovely girl gifts and wonderful refreshments and cake from Costco (chocolate with cream cheese filling and frosting).  June had registered at Target and got lots of the items she had requested.  I had already bought a bunch of pink things at the J .C. Penney outlet in Sparks, Nevada, but I did go out to Target and get a crib sheet she requested.  Marin's room is already decorated with white background and pink roses.  From the wallpaper border, to the crib bumper pads to the diaper stacker.  It is so feminine and will be suitable for her for years to come.  Target carries a line called "Shabby Chik" that has a white background with little pink (and other soft colors, too) rose buds, etc.  They even have regular sheets (for an adult bed) in this pattern.  I loved it when I saw it and may get some for myself.

Tuesday night Bob and I drove down to the Puyallup Fair grounds to the high school graduation of his oldest grand daughter, Heather.  I think this is the first graduation ceremony I've been to since my own kids graduated in 1980 and 1989.   However, it was an ugly reminder that my high school graduation was 47 years ago.  YIKES !!    It was a very nice ceremony marred only by the rude behavior of some of those who came to witness it.  I was appalled at the way some people dressed first of all, in shorts, tube tops & flip flops, jeans that were dirty and ripped, dirty, baggy t-shirts.  I would think the appropriate dress would be at least business casual.   Then there was the behavior of some of those in the audience.  There was a whole row of adults behind us who talked non-stop about their upcoming garage sale, somebody in the family who might be unmarried and pregnant, one older woman who kept complaining about the chair she was sitting on, all of this in normal voices for all to hear.  They never shut up until the person in their family who was graduating received their diploma, then they were up on their feet screaming & whistling.  Then thankfully they all left.  There were also a big bunch of people that wouldn't sit down.  They were standing on the fringes of the audience.  We were seated over on the far left side, where we could see the band (Bob's other grand daughter in that family plays in the band.) When the band played, these standing people were all crowded around the band, so those of us who were seated couldn't even see them.  And finally...the crying, screaming babies and little kids. June came but she left her 3 year old home with daddy. Most little kids do not belong at those kinds of events. I'll say no more.  Next year Bob will have two grandkids graduating from high school.  Shannon, who lives nearby in Gig Harbor and Emil, who lives in Pasadena, CA.  I hope we can attend both of those ceremonies.

So now our next big adventure will be the call to the hospital.  When she went into labor with Lance, she called Bob right away and we headed for the hospital and stayed, along with other family members who showed up until he was safely delivered and the pictures were taken.  We'll be ready, whether it be day or night. 

Well, I'm off to Curves.  This is day 14 and it's the day they weigh and measure you again.  I should have held off making that strawberry-rhubarb pie until that was over.  LOL 

Happy's almost the weekend again..........Linda


jeadie05 said...

Great entry ,no sign of writers block ,any way the account of the trip was so good it was a hard act to follow ,good luck at curves....And the new baby,how exciting Jan xx

sugarsweet056 said...

Wonderful pics!!!
Wonderful entries you did with the trip too.
Have fun at Curves. ;)

jlocorriere05 said...

The photos are lovely Linda! I know what you mean about people being loud and unruly these days. Nobody seems to dress up any more when they go out to a special event like this. Remember when we always had 'best clothes' that we only wore on occasions like these? Jeannette xx  

sunnyside46 said...

that kind of behavior really bugs me too

jonibooks1991 said...

Well I've done the graduation thing a couple times this year, so I understand.  I will try to do an entry on them soon.  Writers block right, I think you're doing just fine and the baby will be so exciting, can't wait to hear about her.  I have that pattern of Shabby chic on my bed also, love it.  Joni

fasttrack58 said...

Sounds like you have lots going on..... my oldest graduated last summer and the family behind me would not stop talking and I could hear nothing of the graduation, I finally turned to say something to them which quite offended them that hubby had to get security.... some are just so rude....
Linda :)

randlprysock said...

Oh I wish I was able to just hire a sitter and run over to Curves three times per week with you, but I will be happy to say we have been going on walks in the evenings with the new puppies and it is really good for me and very enjoyable.  The rose pattern for the baby sounds delightful... and I agree, young people and others these days act so terrible in public.  It is just a disgrace.  My grandmother would just cluck her tongue being a pastor's wife.  I've seen her mouth drop open at the way folks dress coming to the Lord's house too.  Well, it does sound like you are busy and I am never bored with the daily events.  I put lots of that stuff in my journal too.  Hugs,

nana0014 said...

How exciting waiting for a hospital call. I hope you all aren't sleeping in your clothes like my mother did for two weeks before my delivery date. I kept telling her mom you'll have time to get dressed I promise. LOL. Now that I'm the grandma I understand the excitement and probably would be dressed to sleep too just in case.
Graduations here are very long only because of so many kids in a class. We took Kyan to two graduations and he did very well, but as long as you have food, drink and toys for him he's fine. We actually took his portable DVD player with cartoons on it and it entertained like five kids sitting right around us and nobody heard a peep out of any of them. So it was kinda nice.
Take care, Chrissie