Sunday, June 3, 2007

Saturday and Sunday

The weekend weather has been great here in the Pacific Northwest. 

Saturday, we ventured out to the little town of Orting for the graduation party of Bob's oldest grandchild (Heather).  It was a Mexican theme, lots of wonderful Mexican food to eat and music playing in the background. As you can see by the pictures, Bob and I did what we could to go along with the Mexican theme.  We had such a good time, three of Bob's four daughters were there (we always miss Hope, who's down in Pasadena, at these functions) and four of his grandchildren were there.  However, his youngest and her husband are expecting another baby June 27th, so I guess there were really five grandchildren there if you count little Marin Rose.  They have a little guy who turned 3 in April.  Bob's son always has to work on Saturday's so we don't see him very often.  We stayed until about 9pm and helped clean up.  There were people coming and going all afternoon.  Heather's graduation ceremony is the evening of June 12th at the Puyallup Fairgrounds.  We already have our tickets for that.

I think it's kind of neat that his oldest grandchild is graduating from high school the same month a new grandchild will make her appearance (unless of course she's a few days late.)

Today, I really didn't have much to do so went out to Bob's place with him.  I don't go out there very often, I have enough to do at my place.  And it's a matter of either taking Gabi or leaving her home alone, if I stay out there over night.  He lives about 35 miles from me across the Narrows Bridge and then some.  His house sits on 5 acres and it's very peaceful there, but it's also long distance to call my friends from there, he has no cable TV (only gets 1 channel) and since I've switched to DSL, I can no longer use his computer because he still has dial-up.  I tried signing on under "GUEST" again today and AOL informed me that I was no longer paying for dial up, so I couldn't sign on.   So...those are all good reasons to not go out there very often, in my mind anyway.  LOL

He does seem to get more done when I'm there, he started weeding his dahlia patch, cleaned off the sun deck and I spent the day cleaning up the kitchen and doing several loads of laundry.  But now I'm back to civilization and loving it !

This evening it's cooling off real fast, the wind has come up and it's getting overcast.  I guess rain is blowing in off the coast.  Which is fine with me because I have some stuff to do in the house and this way, if it's raining, I don't feel guilty about being outside working.

Until next time....Linda


bjm125b said...

I aam a lurker, I do not have a journal, but I do enjoy reading many of them . While you where on vacation I went back to your first entry and read your whole jouneral. I have a daughter theat lives in Buckley, and works in Tacoma. I enjoy you journal very much. I am in eastern WA and it is some serous hot over here. It is 8:10 p.m and still 99 degrees. Have a good one.  B.J.

mom23nca said...

How funny we made the same trip today.   My youngest daughter was at GS camp for the weekend in Belfair.  DH and I drove out early and stopped in Gig Harbor at The Tides for lunch and then got my daughter and a friend and came home.  It was a very beautiful day.

mariealicejoan said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend and I really enjoyed all the photos!  Laughed at Pancho Villa!  That certainly is a beautiful part of the country you are fortunate enough to live in or near!

jeadie05 said...

Oh what a lovely weekend Linda ,thanks for sharing the pictures of the trip there and showing us around Bobs place Jan xx

sunnyside46 said...

I had never heard of a madrona tree.
Thanks for showig me somethng new

katie39041 said...

Thanks for showing us your vacation/holiday. I enjoyed the journeyso very much.
love and hugs

fasttrack58 said...

You guys look great and Bob has a nice place, too funny about the christmas tree, lol..... and I think I may have referred to Bob as hubby on your vacation, I need to pay better attention to my journal facts, lol...
Have a great day!
Linda :)

jlocorriere05 said...

I love the pic of Mount Rainier, it looks so majestic! Glad you and Pancho had a good time at the party! Lol! Bob's place looks lovely, I'd never heard of the Madrona tree! Tell him happy Christmas from me! Jeannette xx  

ally123130585918 said...

I enjoyed your pictures Linda ~ thanks for sharing them ~ Ally x