Thursday, July 5, 2007

4th Of July On Puget Sound

Like I said in an entry on Tuesday evening, Bob had found a spot for the camper...just about a block across the railroad tracks for all the activities, so he spent Tuesday night there in the camper.  Wednesday morning,  I went to one of the designated shuttle bus parking lots, parked my car and then rode the bus down to the waterfront.  After about a three block walk I was at the camper.  We crossed over the tracks and proceeded down the miles and miles of booths, containing food & drink of every kind, craft items, some really nice things and some junky stuff.  there were also booths from different organizations with free giveaways.  I got several pens, a tire gauge, a real nice tote bag (from Qwest-my telephone company), magnets, scratch pads, a T-shirt etc. 

The air show started about 2pm, so we found a place in the shade and along the shore to sit and watch the stunt pilots and other demonstrations put on by the armed services. The first plane was a "fly over" by a F-15 Eagle. This jet is part of the Oregon Air-National Guard. As fast as it flew, it probably got here from Portland in about 15 minutes (LOL).  One of the stunt pilots did his thing in his German built Extra 300 and then he must have landed his plane over at the Gig Harbor airport because later he was back in the Geico Insurance booth signing pictures of him and his plane.  I was happy to be able to get one for my grandson.    Probably the most amazing demonstration was the Harrier Jump Jet.  It actually hovered over the water and was able to back up and go forward at a very slow speed.  It gave a really impressing display.  When it took off, the noise set off all the car alarms in the surrounding parking lots.   There was also one of the big C-17 Globemasters that flies over my house all the time.  They put it thru some maneuvers over the water, that I don't see here at home (thankfully).   Then there was  a display by a Fouga Jet that was very breath taking.

One item of interest along the waterfront is the old Tacoma Fire Department's fire boat.  With all the water around us and so many buildings located at the waters edge this is a necessary addition to the city's fire department.

After walking for at least a couple miles, checking out all the booths and displays.... we stopped for a late lunch at a favorite on the water front, Katie Downs.  We were lucky to find a table on their back deck, in the shade, looking out at the water.  I had a wonderful turkey sandwich and Bob had his favorite, a Reuben sandwich.  We sat there for as long as we and enjoying the activity on the water in front of us.

We slowly headed back to the camper, making sure we hadn't missed anything, where even though it was sitting in the full sun was remarkably  cool.  We had left the windows open and there was a nice breeze coming off the water.   Bob climbed up on his top bunk and took a nap and I sat by the window, reading my book and people watching.

The fireworks were to start shortly after 10pm so about 9:50 we took our lawn chairs and moved to a little higher point in a parking lot behind us.  There we sat with the fireworks being shot off a barge out in the water directly in front of us.  We could hear the accompanying music, a warm breeze was was very nice.

We have gone to this 4th of July twice in years past in his boat.  But we both decided it was much better the way we did it last night.  The people out in the boats can't walk along the sidewalks to people watch and look at all the stuff for sale like we did.  The fireworks are more spectacular when you're actually on the water but that's all.   So unless we go somewhere different next year (which could happen, we've seen the fireworks in various places around the Pacific Northwest over the years), we'll do the camper routine again next year. 

After the crowd had diminished (almost midnight) Bob drove me to where my car was parked and then I drove it home.  It was after 1 am before Gabi and I got settled into bed.  And believe it or not...the crazies in my neighborhood were still setting off fireworks, when I got home.  Oh, I was so glad I didn't have to go to work today !!!!

I hope you enjoyed going to Tacoma's Freedom Fair with me....I wish you could have all been here to enjoy it in person.  

It's going to be another hot day here in my neck of the woods, they are saying 85 degrees plus. My little kitty is laying on the kitchen floor rather than the carpeting in the living room.  That's how I can tell she's getting warm.  But, I'm off to run errands and then to Curves and hopefully I can get a hair cut this afternoon.  Linda
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pharmolo said...

Sounds like one heck of a party down there, Linda :-)

justplainbill said...

Linda, great day and pictures. Looks like a lot of fun. Would you mind if I sent the picture of the statues of firemen to the lady who runs Heroes to Heroes program. She visited over fifty cities in the country recently and has the firemen participate in sharing the hero title with servicemen. Real neat program.
I think she would enjoy that picture if it is OK with you, Thanks Bill

jonibooks1991 said...

Sounds like you had a good day.  From the e-mail I received from Floyds neice in Georgia, I believe the narator of the air show was Floyds great nephew.  He is stationed at Ft. Lewis and they live in Lacey now.  Wish we could have been there.
Glad to know it was a good airshow.  Joni

treesrgreen78 said...

Thank you linda for your beautiful entry, I really enjoyed the pictures and your account of your day.  I hope one day to visit Puget Sound, I have heard so much about it from other, including my friend I visit in Oregon.  We have what you call Canada Day here  and there are many places all over that we can go to but yours was very impressive, again thank you for sharing.

jeadie05 said...

Icertainly did enjoy that Linda ,should loved to have been with you ,seeing all the sights ,we used to live two miles from RAF Wittering 'The home of the Harrier ' Jan xx

fasttrack58 said...

What a great fourth of July, I would have liked to been with you too... I haven't seen an air show in twenty years...
Linda :)