Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Narrows Bridge Opening~ Bag Pipers

Narrows Bridge Opening Bag Pipers
     (click on the picture to start the video)

I wanted to share this short little video with you before weeks end.  As I looked at this video just now, it was hard to believe that just a week ago we were looking forward to Opening Day.  Since Sunday when we walked on the bridge with approximately 50,000 other people, I have driven across that bridge twice. 

It started raining Tuesday here in western Washington.  It's really a welcome change.  I put all my hanging baskets out on the patio this morning so Mom Nature could water them for me.   We are supposed to have rain off and on thru the weekend.

Bob's daughter and 2 grand daughters left his house about noon today.  I understand as she was leaving her old "stomping grounds" she drove by the high school she graduated from and found staff members there,  they let her and the two girls in and  gave them a little mini tour.   I know she enjoyed the visit with her dad, in the very house she & her siblings grew up in.  She has other family and friends to visit for now but we hope to see her and Nina again before they fly back to Pasadena on August 4th.

I hope everyone is having a good week.  I also know, from reading journals the last few days that there are a lot of needs out there in J-land.  So many are fighting cancer and other life threatening diseases. There are families that are having problems, families separated from loved ones who serve in the military and people worrying about their sick pets.  I pray that each one of you receive a special touch in your lives.

Until next time.....Linda



jonibooks1991 said...

Linda I love the bag pipes.  Yes it's hard to believe the bridge is done and being used and seemed to have solved alot of traffic problems.  I did hear it has a squeak, of all things, that is annoying people. Go figure.  You did have a full weekend, hope to see you on this coming one.  Joni

mariealicejoan said...

There is always something very stirring about the bagpipes.  Great piece of video.  I find myself wanting to see this bridge in person after all you have said about it!

jeanno43 said...

I love the skirl of the bagpipes.  Probably because my ancestry was Scots and my beloved Nan always listened to the pipes. Thanks for sharing the video.  Thank you also for your good wishes for our health.

jeadie05 said...

The Bag piepes always instill the feel of 'an occasion '' how lovely of the staff members to allow the mini tour Jan xx

wwfbison said...

The sound of bag pipes always brings tear to my eyes.  It amazes me how fast time goes - it seems like only yesterday you were planning on going to the opening.

ally123130585918 said...

I love the sound of Bagpipes ~ glad you are getting some rain ~ That was nice for Bob's daughter and the two girls to get a mini tour of the High School she attended ~ hope you do get see them again before they fly back home ~ hope your week is going well ~ Ally x

luddie343 said...

That bridge has quite a history, amd who can resist the sound of the pipes?  Can u believe some call it "noise"?!?  Thank you for this video, truly enjoyable.  Weenend rain expected here in NJ too, but we need it.  How endearing that you remember in words all the people in this place who deal with suffering only imagineable by most.  Brava, Linda!  xoxo CATHY