Monday, October 8, 2007

Monday Morning Question


From Krissy at "Sometimes I Think." What commercial do you find the most annoying?

I can't stand the "Head-On" commercial...the stuff that's supposed to cure your headache.  What if the head ache is caused by the guy that just cut you off on the freeway?  

P.S. I was reading some of the other comments, unlike some others~ I LOVE THE GEICO CAVEMAN commercials !!!   LOL  

P.S. #2  I'm also sick and tired of all the TV commercials for medications.  It's not necessary & that's what is driving up the cost of our prescriptions.  We, as a country, need to write our Congressman, the drug companies...everyone we can to get this stopped.  The drug companies are paying BIG bucks for these ads.  They need to let the "prescribing" of medicine go back to the doctor's, not to the consumers.


randlprysock said...

I agree about these advertisements!  What a terrible waste of money.... and so cute those Geico commercials are!!!  Just popping in to say hello!  We're busy as ever these days.  Hugs,

fisherkristina said...

I hate the GEICO Caveman commercials.  Hate them with a passion, LOLOLOL.  
Yes, I finally got my computer up, I think it was yesterday.  It took a month or two.  Now I am getting my home together.  I am so excited I will be able to get on my computer more.  I had 1000 emails on this one account LOL.  I have gotten them down to 908.  There were some who tried to email me and never got through, LOL.  Okay, off to do something fun!  Love you,

Krissy :)

pixiedustnme said...

I'm with you on the drug commercials.  I loved the doctor I saw on some program (yeah, I'm so vague!) where he said he hated them too because people came in asking and asking him about say toe fungus when in fact they didn't have it or need the medication when they really should have been worried about some other life threatening condition that they DID have and didn't think was important.

barebytes said...

All of them piis me off. It used to be that there would be more show than commericials, not any more, it's the other way around. Hugs Lanny

jvbutterfly said...

Omg I so agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....June:)

jlocorriere05 said...

I'm ignorant on commercials these days! They're one thing I definitely don't miss by not having a TV! Jeannette xx  

wwfbison said...

You know I mute the commercials and never watch them - they are wasting their money on me.  When I watch a show I've recorded, an hour show usually lasts less than 40 minutes!!

seraphoflove9001 said...

I love the caveman commersials too! :o) I'd have to agree with you on the head-on....gggrrr...they just keep repeating the same thing!

ally123130585918 said...

Linda I agree about commercials on TV they drive me crazy especially the one's offering to Lend you lot's of Money ~ I wish they could stop them ~ but as I am told they pay for the programmes so there is little hope of them ever being stopped ~ Ally x