Monday, January 28, 2008

Monday Morning Question


What is your screename?  How did you choose it?  What does it mean to you?


Well my screen name is; Lsfp1960 and it does have meaning to me.  All those who went to high school with me figured it out right away and said "gee why didn't I think of that?"

My maiden name was Smith (and my married/divorced name starts with an "S" also) and I graduated from Franklin Pierce high school in 1960.

Thus~ Lsfp1960.   Now you know~


robinngabster said...


lv2trnscrb said...

I wondered about it; its fun to read how people come up with their screennames!

been to any reunions since you graduated?


breakaway1968 said...

I wondered about your name too...just never asked :) now I know ;)

treesrgreen78 said...

I often wonder about screen names and how one came to choose, thank you for explaining.

beckerb6 said...

Neat idea. If I change my screen name I will have to remember that.

cherry2sweet2eat said...

thats cool i thought all those letter had sometype of meaning unless a cat walked on your keyboard while u were screenname hunting lol.

ma24179 said...

Mines my first and last initial with my zip code. Aol picked it for me.. to late to change it now if I wanna keep my stuff! -Missy

wwfbison said...

I would have never guessed all of that, good combination.

abicequeen said...

Good to understand although I guessed all by the s.

I have several e mail addresses and discovered by my naitivity that all is not what might when I had cookingwithlori   (because I am a Chef) BOY did I get some weird replies and then suddenly the light went on  DUH

Well AB of course is the abbreviation of my Province in Canada and quite often ice is something I see 8 months a year....well Queen guess I am just to haughty of a personality to be a princess....ha ha


Lori J.

preciousone25 said...

Very Creative!!!  = )


mariealicejoan said...

And now we know.  :-)  I have always found it interesting to learn about how people come up with the online names.

fisherkristina said...

Thanks for explaining.  :)

Krissy :)