Monday, March 31, 2008

Girl's Day Out ~

Today I drove down to the little town of Sumner to the home of my friends, Judy & Phil.  Judy invited me to come down and then go to lunch for my birthday. (Yea I know it was in January but when you're this old, it doesn't matter when you celebrate.)  Monday & Tuesday's she baby sits little Peyton so after Peyton had her lunch time girls went to lunch at a nice little place there in town.  

It was so fun to finally get to meet Peyton in person.  What a doll!!!  She's still very tiny (between 9 and 10 pounds) but she's smiling, cooing and reaching out for stuff. And as you can see by the pictures..she's very alert.   She is  definitely"Miss Personality" plus !!   I wanted to update you on her progress as many of you have been praying for her since she came into this world over 2 months early back in October weighing only 2 pounds 1 oz.

When I got home this afternoon, there was a message that my MRI is scheduled for this coming Wednesday morning.  So I should know what's going on with this knee within a week or so. 


robinngabster said...


lv2trnscrb said...

she's so cute!!

how did the treadmill go today? I thought about you when I was on mine this morning, hoping your knee was doing okay. glad the MRI is happening this week


abicequeen said...

Evening Linda,

Sending you a belated Happy Birthday.   May the good Lord grant you many,many more...

Just remember we are like fine wine...we get better with age.

Love and hugs


jimsulliv3 said...

She's a cutie ! Hope your MRI goes well.


Post Script: Nothing is more fun than to encounter a bevy of beauties on girl's night out.

mariealicejoan said...

Ohhh, she is sooo precious!  What a little cutie.  She's come ever such a long way!  Thanks so much for sharing the object of our prayers with us.  I'm well pleased!
PS Good luck with the MRI!

ally123130585918 said...

Peyton is indeed a little Doll ~ and a beautiful Baby it is so good to see what wonderful progress she is making ~ Glad your MRI is scheduled for to~morrow hope it all goes well for you ~ Ally x

wwfbison said...

Peyton is sweet, good luck with your MRI.  Sending good thoughts your way!