Friday, May 2, 2008

Stimulus Checks~Take My Poll

Well..... the schedule for the disbursement of these checks is in today's local newspaper.  It says "more than 130 million households will get these checks."  It's interesting how the amount of these checks is worded.  "Individuals will receive up to $600 and married couples will receive up to $1200.  And of course parents will receive extra payments based on the number of children younger than 17 that they have.  So the way I interpret that is, an individual could recieve $ says "up to $600."   The last two digits of one's Social Security number dictate when taxpayers will recieve their checks.

Using the last 2 numbers of you SS # and if you have used direct deposit payments will be transmitted no later than;

00 through 20~today     21 through 75~May 9th    76 through 99~May 16th

Paper checks will also be distributed based on SS #.  Payments will be mailed no later than;

00 through 09~May 16th    10 through 18~May 23rd      19 through 25~May 30th 26 through 38~June 6th      39 through 51~June 13th      52 through 63~June 20th 64 through 75~June 27th   76 through 87~July 4th          88 through 99~July 11th

I'm not sure about the direct deposit & the mailing part of this deal.  Up until this last year, I've always had my IRS Refund Check mailed to me.  But since we were going to be "on the road" this year....I did the direct deposit thing so I'd have it to "enhance" my vacation experience.  And believe me...I spent it. 

My SS # ends in 86 so I won't know until at least May 16th and I won't be out pre-spending this money.  I want to see exactly what the amount is before I go crazy.  And besides what ever it is, it will be put aside for an adventure that's being planned for the middle of October. 


jlocorriere05 said...

I hope you get a decent amount to spend on your adventure. What adventure??!! Jeannette xx  

blossomcat said...

Your lucky you are getting one.  I work with a woman who claims her elderly mother on her income tax since she is taking care of her.    She can not get $300 for her mother because you can only claim a "dependant child."

The mother can't get the $300 because her daughter claims her as her dependant and she doesn't file by herself.  

That is a "Catch 22" if I have ever heard one.

Cheryl said she was going to take $300 out of her savings and give it to her mom and tell her it was from the IRS.


lv2trnscrb said...

I think we are getting the $1200 but for us its a "wash" since we owed $1400 in taxes so its going back into savings

I wonder if they will forward the checks; better look into that since our tax return was with our old address


pengboo said...

I'm quite mad right now.  We used Turbo Tax to file.  We had the gov't take the filing fees out of our refund.  Since we did that, I found out today that they aren't direct depositing my stimulus check like they did my refund.  Its going to be coming via snail mail.  Nowhere have I seen the IRS tell anyone that bit of info.  I finally found it on TurboTax's website way down in the FAQ section.  Grrrr............

robinngabster said...

We got ours on Thursday (direct deposit is lovely).  I voted for spending it cause 1200 of it is going to my surgery.  The other 300 we will try and save.  :)

monicasmemoirs said...

The poll doesn't have my answer.  I'm not spending it/not saving it.  I simply don't get it!  ::sigh::  It will pay our taxes is all.


nightmaremom said...

a little of both...  my son's girlfriend hers ... direct deposit is going out first... and she got the full $600 :)   She'll spend.. LOL  they are going to disney in a couple weeks

jimsulliv3 said...

That'll finance two or three trips to AREA 51.


gotomaria said...

Hey, what a SS ends in 86 too!  Good luck..I'd spend it ....:) not sure on what thought but I would..  Maria  

mariealicejoan said...

Ohhh I love adventures.  I am curious now as to what it is!

wwfbison said...

Ours won't be here until July as we both end in ninety something. What is your adventure??? Inquiring minds want to know.  ;)

sugarsweet056 said...

TY for the comment on my Furr Babies, tried to email you back but your email won't accept mail from me  :(.
Anyway, for the answer, please check out the April Fool entry & also the What's Happening entry...I added you as a reader.  :)

dbdacoba said...

Linda, I'm a 90 so I'll have to wait.  If I get a handshake I won't expect more.  But if I actually get a check, it's already spent.

Good luck with your adventure plans.

deshelestraci said...

I voted that I would be spending it but it will not be retail spending.  I'll be paying off some loans.

helmswondermom said...

We got our in direct deposit on April 25, so I guess we were some of the VERY first ones.  And we got the maximum amount that we could receive, so it's all good!