Tuesday, August 12, 2008

August 12, 1971

37 years ago on August 12th a 9-1/2 pound baby boy came into this world.  These were the days before ultrasounds, etc so when babies were born it was always a surprise.  At the time..I really wanted another girl.  I didn't really have anything against little boys, after all I'd had a little brother.  But I knew if I had a boy, I wanted him to be a "full of life, on the go, energetic, non stop except when sleeping" little boy.  And quite frankly, I didn't feel I was up to that.  However, my husband jokingly said all along that if it was a girl, I'd have to come home from the hospital in a cab...he wanted a boy! 

 I remember when I was in the delivery room , my doctor asked me what we were hoping for.  I told him,  I wanted a girl but that my husband said if it was a girl, I'd have to take a cab home.  As the baby was delivered, he said to one of the nurses.."you'd better go tell that dad to keep the car running because he has a son."   Not for one second after that moment, have I ever been sorry that on that day, at 9:10am I gave birth to a bouncing baby boy. He turned out to be the non stop, energetic little boy I was afraid to have, he kept us hopping...but he grew up, calmed down and has been the light of my life for 37 years.

 Actually, both my daughter, Julie and my son, Jim have been the best kids a mom could ever have.  They both did well in school, were never in any trouble and they have both been good to me.  Jim was the only grandson my folks ever had and they both adored him, too.  My dad even signed over his old pickup truck to Jimmy on his 16th birthday...his first set of wheels. He had a job washing dishes at Denney's and needed the truck to get back & forth to school and work. He later got a dishwashing job at a University just a few blocks from my house. 

 Everyday when I came home from work, there'd be bread crumbs along with peanut butter & jam smudges on my kitchen counter...he'd fixed an after school, before work snack.  Jim's always been a hard worker, even as a kid, before age 16...he was mowing lawns and doing whatever he could to make money.  He went into the Air Force in October of 1989, 8 weeks after his 18th birthday. 

 It was the first time he'd ever been away from home like that.  I remember when he went to San Antonio for basic training, when they finally let him call me, he called very late one night and he was so home sick.  He cried & I cried that night on the phone....I felt so sorry for him.  But he made it.   And he did good. I remember the first letter I got telling me of him being chosen Airman of the Month,  I was so proud. 

 When he got out of the Air Force, he got a job within  3 weeks at a large printing company here in town.  He's worked as a press operator all these years, except for about a year after he hurt his hand in the machinery.  After a couple surgeries to repair his hand he held a job in the radiology file room at the hospital where he was born (also where I was born & worked for over 25 years). He has been back to work, printing now for almost 4 years. He's now also going to school at our local community college in the evenings. So he has a full schedule.

His one big dream is to fly, he took some flying lessons for awhile but they are very expensive.  I hope someday he can complete the lessons and get his pilot's license.

 I look at this son of mine and I think of all the years that have gone by, all the circumstances we survived, how he's changed from a precious chunky baby, into a 6'2" man.....a man who has a gentle heart, a man who loves the Lord, a man who would love to find a sweet woman, and settle down  and have a family.  And I thank God, that I've had the privilege of being his mother all these years.  Happy birthday my son, I love you !

And I don't want to forget my son-in-law and Bob's daughter, Hope down in Pasadena.....both of them are also having a birthday today, August 12th.  Two more very special people in my life.  Happy Birthday !


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nanmm11 said...

Isn't it wonderful to look back into our children's lives? Happy Birthday Jim!

gitterdunna said...

Isn't it just wonderful when your kids grow up to be such good people. Happy birthday to your son and the others as well:)..........alice

jeanno43 said...

Happy Birthday to your wonderful son. You are a truly proud Mum, it shows in your writing. I am glad you have those wonderful children.

sdoscher458 said...

What a wonderful way to say Happy Birthday to your son. He sounds like a great guy, hope he finds that special gal soon too. Maybe we should make a club...my Joey, my other son Kenji and yours....looking for "a good woman"...I feel bad for them. My son said to me a while ago right after the break up "why are women not attracted to good guys?" I told him because we are stupid. lol.....Congrats to you on winning the caption game, that was fun competition.....love, Sandi

justplainbill said...

Linda, nice write up on your son.
Congratulations on winning the "caption" contest this week. That was a good one. You are quite the winner in these contests, with three wins already.

shrbrisc said...

congrats on your winning the caption of the week

robinngabster said...

Look at all that hair!!!!!   He sure turned out to be a fine son and one that his Mom can't count on!  I regret not having another baby and having my chance to have a boy...there is something very special between a Mother and her son.   And boy is he HANDSOME!

oddb0dkins said...

What a fine tribute to a good man. Thanks for sharing.

B. x

sugarsweet056 said...

HB to your dear Son.
God bless,

domsmom27 said...

When I first started reading this I was sure it was going to be a sad story.  Then I got to the part that said at 9:10 AM and I could feel a big smile across my face.  Then I read the rest with tears.  Just because I am a big softie.  My son is also 37 so I can relate.  congratulations on YOUR BIG DAY. Cuz I think Moms should get the birthday presents.

lv2trnscrb said...

Happy Birthday to your son!! what a wonderful tribute to him!!! wishing him many more years!!

and happy birthday to Hope too!!

so neat that both share a birthday!!


jjdolfin9 said...

Such wonderful memories Linda.  Doesn't it just seem like the time has flown by and just yesterday he was dropping crumbs and peanut butter?  My oldes boy found his soulmate only to lose her to kidney disease before they got married.  I wonder if he will always be the bachelor or find someone.   Happy Birthday to your boy.
Hugs, Joyce

fasttrack58 said...

What a wonderful entry....
a special happy birthday to your son!! and congrats to the proud mom....
and happy birthdays all around!
Linda :)

jimsulliv3 said...

Happy Birthday to all. Great entry.


mariealicejoan said...

I love it when you do a post like this Linda!  Thanks for sharing these wonderful thoughts and memories of an obviously well loved son!  I'd like to share something with you now.  You are the winner of my Birthday Giveaway!  I can't think of a nicer person to send it to!  I already have your address so it will be winging it's way across the Atlantic to you real soon!  (((hugs)))

PS.  Many thanks for the lovely Birthday card and Birthday greetings!!!  I was thrilled to get it in the post!  How very thoughtful of you!

rbrown6172 said...

a wonderful tribute to your handsome young man!  you are truly blessed.

ally123130585918 said...

Linda what a lovely entry ~ Happy Birthday ~ Ally x

knoxkrissy said...

Happy birthday to your son from me!  What a wonderful man it sounds he turned out to be!  And what a testament to his mother that he is an upstanding young man, and loves the Lord!  He must have been raised right!  I will pray that he finds a wife, if it is the Lord's will.  You know, John and I would never have found each other if it wasn't the Lord.  Seriously, I couldn't have found him myself - it would have been like looking for a needle in a haystack - John was one in a million!  Very special, and good, and a Christian.  When we met he was 36, and most men by that age are already married.  To find him, unmarried, and a good Christian man, while we were both in our thirties like that, was definitely the Lord.  Because how else would we have found each other.  It would definitely have been a needle in a haystack look.  It wouldn't have happened.  So the only thing for him to do is rely on the Lord, and ask the Lord to find him somebody.  The Lord knows who He has selected for your son.  Of course your son has a say in the matter, LOL, but if there is somebody just the right fit, who also wants somebody, the Lord can bring them together, and trust that He will.  That is nothing hard to do for the King who made the universe.  So just pray to the Lord, as his Mama, that He will bring the right girl into your son's life.  He will if it is His will.  This I know from experience...

Krissy :)

kamdghwmw said...

Happy birthday to your son! 9 1/2 pounds! My biggest was a whole 6.7 I was told that my children were small that they should have been much bigger since 8 pounds was the norm then. All of them turned out just fine. Dispite my best efforts to screw them up! LOL

dbdacoba said...

What a beautiful, touching story.  A late Happy Birthday to Jimmy.   DB

geocachelinda66 said...

You can send that boy of yours right over here to NY!  I need a good man!  :)  Linda