Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thursday Evening

Back in August I mentioned that I had lunch with a gal that had a journal on AOL. Well, she's started a Blog here in Bloggerville and I'm happy to welcome my friend "Trees." You can find her blog at; so I hope you'll all stop by and welcome her aboard. She lives in Canada and is just the sweetest lady. Be sure and add yourself to her list of followers and also to your Blog List so you'll know when she posts an entry. Welcome again Trees...happy blogging.

Guess what folks? It did not rain here today. It was a beautiful sunny day and the temperature was just under 60*. Bob & I have several 2 for 1 coupons for the buffet at a local casino so we went out there about 2 o'clock this afternoon for a late lunch. I hate the smoke in those places but the food is delicious! Plus when we do that~I don't have to cook dinner. (Hehehe!) A little bowl of fruit or cottage cheese later this evening will suffice.

We stopped at another one of our local Goodwill's (there are 4 of them in this general area) on the way back and I found a couple more books. They actually had a ton of hardcover books, brand new, donated by Target & Costco (some still had their price stickers on the dust covers). They charge $3.99 for all hardcover books, I think that's a little high for a used book but for a new book it's a steal.

Tonight is my show...."The Office." I saw Steve Carell on Ellen's show this morning. After watching "The Office" it's hard to believe he's a happily married man with 2 little kids. He plays such a jerk on the show.

Gas prices are dropping! Bob got regular unleaded at Costco today for $1.999. It will be interesting to see how long they continue to drop and how long the prices stay down.

That's all for now....I have a little someone looking up at me meowing~she's begging for her evening portion of Fancy Feast. So I guess I'd better go fix it before she faints and falls over. Until next time....Linda


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

We love "Office" as well. I filled up the other day for $1.989. Hard to believe it is back down this low :o)

DB said...

Linda, I took your advice and checked in on Trees' journal. Very nice. Now I'm a follower.


a corgi said...

I'll check out Trees journal after I finish writing this comment; thanks :)

so neat that gas is coming down; we're at $2.39 here but imagine, it is $2.00 less per gallon than just a few months ago; isn't that awesome (thank you Lord)!

seems like a great day you had; a little bit of all the good things, sun, lunch with a great friend, and a trip to get more books! doesn't get too much better than that, but wait, there's more! a sweet Gabi to spend your evening with; truly lots of blessings today :)


Maria said...

THanks, Linda, I checked out Tree's journal and DB's too...


Joann said...

$1.99 per GALLON!!! WOW!!!! I better check Sam's Club... and go fill up!!


Marie said...

Congrats on having a day without rain. I wish we would!!! Our petrol here is about 96.9 pence a litre, which I guess is about $7.72 a gallon. Still quite a bit, but a lot cheaper than it was at £1.21 a litre!

garnett109 said...

$2.25 here in Pa. and Raining

Linda said...

Yeah for no rain! I got gas for 1.99 this morning also! I loved it. Linda

Beth said...

I hope Gabi didn't faint from starvation! ;)

I chuckled at your comment on my blog about a 12-step program for book buyers. Oh, it IS such a problem, isn't it? I've been trying to do better, and for a couple of books I want to read, I've checked our library's website and will pick them up there. I was kind of proud of myself! Of course, that's 2 books out of...okay, I don't want to say how many!!

Have a great weekend!