Monday, December 15, 2008

Blogging Acronyms, etc.

TBBGIIMC - This Better Be Good - I'm Ignoring My Children
ISSBFMFTC - I Smell Smoke But First Must Finish This Comment
BE - Banner Envy
PWCEBB - Proceed With Caution: Extremely Bitter Blogger
JHTMF - Just Here To Mooch Followers
SICS - Seizure-Inducing Color Scheme
ECIZ - Extreme Crafts Intimidation Zone
UMO - Unwarranted Music Onslaught
CPA - Comment Performance Anxiety
INTGTTBFFH - I've Needed To Go To The Bathroom For Four Hours

I woke up to 20* this morning, I have eBay sold items to get to the Post Office & Avon to deliver, so at noon, when the temp is supposed to be up to 29* I'll head out carefully and hope the snow on the roads has been worn down and/or melted. My son called and said when he went to work at 6:30am, it was icy but he didn't have any problems. Bob only got as far as Medford, Oregon yesterday afternoon. There were signs along the freeway "Chains Required Ahead" and "Expect Delays." He decided he didn't want to put chains on in the dark & the hunkered down in a warm motel room, watching movies and eating KFC. He called this morning and said he was going to wait until the noon check out time to leave, so the traffic would grind down the snow & ice on the freeway. At this point he's about 1-1/2 hours from Siskiyou Pass in northern California. I don't worry too much about him, as he's driving in snow & blizzard conditions hundreds of times. When his kids would have a snow day at school, he'd load them up in the family car and head for the mountain to take them skiing. So he's got lots of experience driving in the white stuff. Although he said yesterday, going thru Portland, Oregon was some of the worst road conditions he's ever encountered. At least after getting over the Siskiyous and thru the Redding area, it should be smooth sailing all the way to Pasadena.

Ok, I'm out of here to get ready to go out into the perma~frost. I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday. Until next time......Linda

Update~ Bob has called and he made it thru that northern California mountain pass ok. He went thru just as the "Chains Required" order was lifted. He said there was so much sand & gravel on the highway it was like driving on a dirt road. He was about 70 miles north of Redding and taunting me with the In-N-Out burger he would be getting once he got there. The rat!


Beth said...

I'm glad Bob made it okay. Sounds like he did the right thing by just laying low until they got a handle on the road conditions.

In-N-Out burder...yummmm.

Lisa said...

Glad to hear Bob made it through, sounds like it would be a white knuckle trip for me!

Monica said...

Glad to hear he is moving along safely. As for the in & Out burger, I don't get it! Sorry.

It's certainly cold enough here, I'm staying in as much as possible. This morning I went to Costco and picked up a couple of items, filled my car (at $1.45) and came home a happy to stay put.

Keep safe and warm while out - it's more bitter cold than anything.


Joann said...

LOVE the acronyms!! LOL!!! I'm glad Bob is safe!! I'd like to send you an In&Out if that was possible... LOL!! I actually took some with me to Florida when I went, but I was flying, so I got them there on time for dinner... LOL!! My friend's son was more happy to see the Double-Doubles than to see me... JK! LOL!!!

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Glad Bob made it to the sunshine state in good shape :o)

sober white women said...

oh I love those!

a corgi said...

glad Bob made it safely through the mountains! I used to live in Medford!! that was years ago and I'm sure it has changed so much since then

love the picture on your journal header; looks so Christmasy! I hope your traveling around was good and you got home safe and sound :)

if they held together well, I would ship you In and Out if I could


ADB said...

Aha, so winter has finally come, Linda. Learned something today about American burger chains lol