Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday Afternoon

I went out to Fred Meyer around 1pm today and stocked up on food, in case the weather guy is right and this snow stays with us all week. I could see the sun, big in the sky, trying to shine thru the gray clouds to no avail and now it's obvious what those clouds were all about. They were full of snow. It's coming down pretty good now, the road out in front of my place is white and it's collecting on the trees, etc as well. And it's still below freezing so it will stick around. There's some little ones visiting next door and they are outside whooping & hollering, having fun in the falling snow. This picture was just taken (Sunday 4:15pm), out my front room window.

Bob's on his way to Pasadena, he's covered lots of ground today but was slowed almost to a halt going thru Portland. He said there is compact snow and ice on the highway running thru Portland and cars & semi trucks were all over the freeway. He managed to snake his way thru all the wrecked cars and jack knifed semi's with no mishaps. He's was hoping to get thru the Siskiyou Mountains in northern California today but last time he called he said it didn't look good. Darkness was closing in and the snow was pretty heavy.

I'm thankful I don't have to go to work anymore......snow was not an excuse to be late or not there at all. I'll be home in my nice warm house thinking about all those out there heading for the office in the morning.


Alice said...

Looks like you will have the snow much longer than we did here. I hope Bob will make it safely through all that. Stay warm :).....

a corgi said...

that is a lot of snow!!! we're getting the first signs of wintery weather with the storm starting to head our way; cold weather!!!

poor Bob, that doesn't sound like a pleasant trip so far; hoping once he gets past the Siskiyou's it will be smooth sailing

stay warm!


Lori J said...

Evening Dear one,
Sure hope Bob makes it safely to his destination. I know my trip a week ago was a real "white-knuckler"
We plan on going one day early when we leave for Florida because in Alberta the weather can change so quickly.
Boy or boy all I can think about is our trip...My heart is sad that son can not come with us this time but hopefully the next trip.


Alberta LORI

Joyce said...

WOW...your whisper of snow turned into a shout in a big hurry huh.
Glad you don't have to get out in it.
Hugs, Joyce

Marie said...

Glad you are home safe and warm and I pray that Bob makes it to his destination safe and sound!

garnett109 said...

WhatA beautiful winter wonderland

Linda said...

Good thing you get to stay in and not go to work in the morning. I work in a hospital too so snow or rain or sleet or NOTHING lets you stay home!! Enjoy it from the comfort of your house. Someday.......I keep thinking that! Linda

Estela said...

Good morning from sunny South TX!

It was 72 yesterday and will probably be about 77 today.

I would love to see snow at least once more before I leave this earthly snowed about 2 inches in Dec 2004 and it hadn't snowed in 100 years before that!

So glad you're snuggly inside where it's warm.

Estela in South TX

sober white women said...

The snow sure does look nice, but I would not want to be out in it. BRRRR.
I also went and did a major stock up.

Lisa said...

Your picture is pretty, I don't care for snow but it sure does make things look pretty. Being snuggled in at home is the best place be during a snowstorm.