Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mother Nature & Old Man Winter Have Ganged Up On Us!

I took this about 1pm Thursday afternoon. The snow is coming down again and this time is falling on the stuff that froze last night. Yesterday I went out twice and the streets were bare & wet. But all of that wet froze last night as the temperatures took a dip. Today the roads are treacherous everywhere in our area. They are saying that Seattle is almost completely closed down.

This is the big cedar tree in my front yard. Great shade in the summer and in the winter it's looking like a graceful snow catcher.
Out in the back yard, there's not much snow yet, but it's increasing. We are getting a strong wind from the north (my back yard is on the north side of the house) and cold air moving down from Canada. So it could get worse out there. My poor washing machine is getting covered in snow~glad I don't have to do laundry out there today. LOL !
Bob, his son in law, daughter & grand kids are leaving Pasadena this afternoon, heading this way in their vehicle. His son in law & grand kids are going to fly home on Jan 1st but his daughter wanted to stay longer, so that's why Bob went down there, to drive his daughter home when she's ready to go. Then he'll stay a couple more weeks & then drive his truck back up here. So he gets to make 4 trips up & down Interstate 5, the 1,200 miles between here and Pasadena in the next month. BIG FUN!!!
I had an Olive Garden lunch planned today with the local gals from my high school class. That's been cancelled, as some live in areas where they haven't been able to get out for several days. And I could get out but I'm not going to risk an accident or getting stuck. I think now we'll wait until after the first of the year when the weather calms down a little. Meanwhile I have a pot of vegetable soup I made yesterday.....but somehow just not the same as soup, salad & bread sticks at the Olive Garden with friends.
I hope everyone, is having a good day, and if the weather is ugly where you are, that you're staying safe & warm.
I want to wish our friend Robin & family a safe trip as they head out to Arizona for the holidays. Until next time~Linda


Sugar said...

i hear ya! we got it here too. we've had snow or ice or both for the past week, still looking brrr out!
will send a prayer that bob is safe on all his trips.
best thing to do is stay in & stay warm, if it's where you can.
glad you're cuddled up making soup. ;)
huggies to you...

garnett109 said...

Here in the Great Northeastern Pa we are suppose to get a foot by Friday Night!

Jan said...

We usually get the weather you have about two weeks later ,oh I hope thats not true ,I really dont like the cold and snow ,is it spring yet? Jan xx

Julie said...

This bad weather seems to be all over the country. It is suppose to snow 6 more inches tonight. I hope they are wrong.

Beth said...

Sheer craziness! You're getting socked in Washington, Miss Ginger is stranded in Vegas...of course, if I had to be stranded somewhere, that would be a pretty good spot!

We've got a major event coming tonight. It sounds like it's a tossup as to whether it will be an ice storm or 6 or so inches of snow. All in all, I'll take the snow, but either way, I'm staying in tomorrow!

Stay safe!

a corgi said...

wow, the pictures are beautiful but the extreme weather isn't especially if your area is not used to it,know what I mean? its like the snow we got down here this past week; closed major roads; to the East Coast and up in Montana they probably laugh about it but people here just are prepared for that type of weather

what a sweetie Bob is to make all those trips down to Pasadena and back! he is truly a trooper because I know some of those roads are so tedious; nothing new in the way of things to see, etc.

stay warm; that soup sounded delicious


Lisa said...

I forgot to comment on the washer in the entry before this one. I love that wringer washer! I wish I could find one of them but they are rare I guess. Boy, your hands would get cold today for sure. ;)