Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's Getting Worse

Inside, looking out~
Taken about 4:15pm this afternoon~

One of the big Douglas Fir trees in my back yard~

Truly, the last rose of summer~

No laundry done today~ Meanwhile the wind is blowing the snow in all directions, it's very strange. Almost like a whirlwind of snow.
Bob & his family have the left the house in Pasadena. They've had to head over to Highway 101 because the Grapevine north of Los Angeles on Interstate 5 is closed because of heavy snowfall. Their plan at this point is to go to San Francisco on 101 and then over to I-5. If it gets to ugly, I'm sure they'll turn around and go back to the house.
My son stopped by here to wrap a "Secret Santa" gift for his work. He lives less than 4 miles from me and it took him 45 minutes to get home.
There are public transit buses stranded on the hills of Seattle, some have been stranded for almost 12 hours. There's so many accidents and the hills of Seattle are so bad, there's not enough tow trucks to rescue everyone quickly. They are saying "do not depend on buses." Seattle is a city that's built on 7 steep hills, it's beautiful when the weather is nice but ugly on days like this.
There's a 20+ plus car/truck pile up on Interstate 5 in Olympia, that part of the freeway is closed and other parts are parking lots.
Some semi trucks have had to stop and chain up on I-5 between Fort Lewis and Olympia (there's quite a grade there called Nisqually hill) ...this has caused a parking lot type back up for miles & miles.
Today is "Thankful Thursday" ~ I am thankful to be retired which means I didn't have to go out to work today.


just me said...

What a mess, I am glad you don't have to go out in this mess too. I have to work, but with my new job it is closer and I don't have a big hill now. YEAH.
Stay warm.

Chrissie said...

WOW you all are getting a good one. I don't blame you stay home.

Monica said...

I was in my car heading home and the traffic was backed up to the Tacoma Dome and according to the news it was due to that pile up by Ft Lewis. I got off and just went home the back way. It's a crazy wet slippery mess out there! Stay home if you can. I was watching cars slipping and sliding all over the road, one came VERY close to me.


Marie said...

Glad you didn't have to go out in it Linda. It sounds like a wicked storm. On a side note I can't get over how light it is where you live at that time of day. Here it is starting to get very dark at 4 pm!

garnett109 said...

I think the new Ice Age Is here!

ADB said...

Seems you're now getting it bad, Linda. Hope those folks on the stranded buses will be OK

Beth said...

Ugh, that sounds awful. Glad you're inside! That rose has to be about the saddest, coldest rose I've ever seen! ;)


a corgi said...

definitely something to be thankful for, to be able not to have to go out in those conditions!! sounded dreadful!!! I know our storm wrecked havoc on mountain passes, but our cities for the most part weren't too affected like Seattle has been!


Lisa said...

Oh it sounds just awful! I am glad you are retired too ~ no need to be out fighting the elements.

Lisa said...

Oh it sounds just awful! I am glad you are retired too ~ no need to be out fighting the elements.