Friday, December 19, 2008

Winter Drama Playing Out in Seattle

Two Greyhound buses coming down a hill in Seattle, hit ice & slid into each other~one was knocked out over the freeway. They were carrying Job Corps students from eastern Washington to Seattle to spend the holidays with their families. The drivers and all the passengers escaped thru the emergency exits and are being checked at the scene by paramedics. A passenger who called into the TV station said she didn't think there was any serious injuries. Meanwhile, traffic on the freeway is backed up, due to debris on the roadway below and of course the danger of the buses falling further. Tow trucks are coming to the scene and will be working on safely removing the buses. What a scary thing for those people on those buses.
I took these pictures off my TV so they are not the best quality but you can get an idea of the situation. The sun is shining brightly here today, but it's still below freezing out there. Various roads remain extremely icy and dangerous.
Bob and family are still trekking up Highway 101~ the last time I talked to him they were near Coos Bay, Oregon. They are seeing some snow but not as much as there is on Interstate 5. I guess being right along the ocean, it's a little warmer then in the interior of the state.
I did have a non-urgent doctor appointment this afternoon but I called & re-scheduled it. It's down in Puyallup and I'm not sure about the roads getting down there so decided it can wait.
If anything more turns out in regards to this bus accident, I'll let you know. I would imagine, they'll remove the buses and it will be a done deal. Until next time, Linda


garnett109 said...

Those dawgs are no good off the race track!
I'm glad no one got killed!

ADB said...

That is very scary, Linda, glad there were no serious injuries

Beth said...

I saw this on CNN today and thought of you! I'm so glad no one was hurt. Glad you were able to reschedule and stay in today.

Monica said...

I had to go out again today and my car was sliding around on Alaska - it was the worst I hit. Luckily most of my driving was on the interstate and it was dry. When I got to Milton, I noticed several hilly roads were completely closed to traffic, they didn't have to tell me no! Anyway, stay in and stay warm.


a corgi said...

wow! so thankful there wasn't major injuries in that crash! Bob is making good time!!


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Glad that you were able to stay off the roads.

sober white women said...

WOW! I just hope everyone pulls through this! BRRR its cold

Lisa said...

I saw this on the news but didn't pay attention to the story. Now I know where it was! Glad everyone was all right.