Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sunday Evening Pictures

I guess I need to clear off the bird bath, again. This is snow accumulation from the last few days. This picture is a little blurry. I held the camera out my sliding glass door (after it was getting dark) and shot this picture of the back yard.
There's a little bird over to the left on top of the bird house. Waiting his turn at the feeder.
The snow hasn't bothered my little feathery friends today. At one point there were two of them sitting on the snow on top of the feeder. Notice how the snow is scalloped on the porch railing.
And tonight it's still snowing. I made 4 loaves of cranberry bread today, all but one little one I'll give to neighbors. Monday I'm going to make peanut butter fudge & chocolate fudge. My shopping list for the December 27th dinner is made out. So in the next day or so we'll go to the store and get the needed items. Bob did go to Costco today and bought a bag of frozen meatballs. I'm going to make the "Ultimate Party Meatballs" again-the recipe is on the back of a bottle of Heinz Chili Sauce. Plus we're going to have a spiral cut ham, cranberry molded salad, coleslaw, fresh pineapple, fiesta green beans, baked potatoes and for dessert~dutch apple pie, pumpkin pie and I'm hoping to find a sugar free cheese cake. Sound good? Well, you're all invited to join us.

I got a call from my former neighbor, Mr Newton this afternoon. He and his wife moved to Kansas City, Missouri in October 2007. I miss them so much~they are such dear people. They are really missing the northwest~it's been way below freezing where they are & they don't like it at all. He said he'd rather be shoveling snow here than back there in the bone chilling cold.

Well the weekend is over. I hope everyone had a good one. Until next time..Linda


a corgi said...

so pretty with the snow! but that is a lot for sure!!! your menu for your Christmas gathering come Saturday sounds delicious!!!


garnett109 said...

It sure was cold out this morning here in pa. i think it was 18 out.

Beth said...

Your menu sounds great, but the weather doesn't!

We have a heated birdbath, and the birds just love it! They don't bathe in it this time of year, of course, but they often stop to get a drink. The other day I looked out and there were five bluebirds around the birdbath!

Hugs, Beth